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Oscar-Schmoscar. Golden Globes-Schmolden...Globes? Whatever cutesy way you want to put it, the "traditional" awards shows have passed, but the summer is bringing some ceremonies that hit a little closer to home (or at least our hearts): The Teen Choice Awards are upon us! The nominations are out, which means it's time to get your vote on and push your favorites to victory—especially if they were snubbed at previous awards shows (*cough* HarryPotter *cough*).

"Eclipse" shockingly leads the nominations with 12 (including multiple noms in some cases, like Choice Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy). Close behind are other obvious faves like "Glee," "The Vampire Diaries" and Taylor Swift.

Let's take a look at some of the most crush-worthy face-offs:


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Forgery, invasion of privacy, theft—for girls who are scrambling desperately to prove their innocence, the "Pretty Little Liars" sure do break a lot of laws. Luckily for them, the parental units aren't attentive to their adolescent plight. (Honestly, Spencer's parents barely live in Rosewood, it seems; Hanna's mom and dad are too busy flirting with each other to be bothered and even Emily, she of the strict upbringing, has a selectively gullible mom—kind of makes you wonder why the girls are so worried about pretending to uphold the therapist's orders).

Might-as-well-be-an-orphan Spencer has it best and worst in the no-parental-control department. With perpetually absent parents comes the freedom to do things like steal your sister's lost wedding ring and pawn it to buy your boyfriend a truck (Toby wouldn't have stopped working for Jason without it, to be fair). But it also comes with a downside, like the fear of death when big sis outright refuses to protect you from her psycho hubby, who you both know is actually alive.


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We should kind of hate Taylor Swift, right? She's gorgeous, talented and—come on—that hair. She's completely enviable. So what is it about her that makes her so girl-appealing? We're thinking it might have something to do with her tendency to prove, time and again, that despite all the talent and fame and hair, she's a lot like us.

Tay recently opened up to Teen Vogue about such hot-button topics as her favorite songs of the moment (they're pretty '90s-tastic) and which TV character she would most want to have dinner with (Olivia Benson of "Law & Order: SVU") and her answers just made us want to be BFFs with her even more.


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Every day a multitude of stars wander through the halls of MTV News to talk about their latest projects and goof around with staff members. But sometimes we catch stars elsewhere, and that's why we put together Spotted!, a daily compendium of stars in the wild.

Justin Bieber has been described using several variations of the "most-sought-after boyfriend in America" label. Translation: Lots of girls want to date him. Lots and lots and lots of girls. But only one can prevail and, as we all know, that lucky girl is none other than one of our favorite sweethearts, Selena Gomez. Unwarranted jealousy aside, Justin and Selena are a pretty cute couple. And by all accounts, Justin seems to be living up to that "most-sought-after" hype.

Last night, Justin attended a screening of Sel's new flick "Monte Carlo" in New York, and he was pretty much beaming with pride. He posed with a poster from the movie, miming what appears to be the act of holding Selena up on an invisible pedestal (which equals props in the boyfriend department, right?). And no worries that this guy is checking out either of Selena's hot co-stars (Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy), he has total eye contact with that Selena photo. It might be a little creepy if it weren't so cute.


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Dear Taylor Lautner, You can abduct us any day. Love, Hollywood Crush.

Taylor is making his big action star debut in "Abduction," and the stills and clips from the film are enough to make a girl go "'Twilight' what?" and "Edward who?" (Oh, and turn green with all the Lily Collins envy.)

We've all seen the photos of Taylor dragging or protecting a pretty much petrified Lily. And the beautiful black and white close up of Tay-face. And these things are good. They say, "I am Taylor Lautner, and I can brood with the best of them and protect people—even if Bella did kind of get away." But what about that quintessential shot that says, "I am Taylor Lautner, action star extraordinaire, here to out badass the greats"?

Today, we got that image.


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So A likes puppies now? What an onion of a villain—so many layers. Okay, so maybe A is more interested in whatever the puppy was digging around in, but if A is the kind of person that adorable innocent puppies trust, no wonder he/she/they have been flying just under the liars' radar for so long.

Aside from this end-of-ep, gloves-only-appearance, A was pretty quiet this week. With the liars’ parents keeping them all apart, there must not have been enough opportunities for group text-receiving and gasping. A’s most notable act in the episode might not even have been A: When Aria sneaks over to Spencer’s for a visit, she’s completely knocked off her boots (or, out of them, to be more precise) by a masked assailant. The assumed identity is obviously A, but there are hints that it could be (get ready for it) maybe-not-so-dead-after-all Ian!

Maybe if Aria and Spencer had had more time for sleuthing, we could have gotten to the bottom of this one, but Aria was busy breaking Ezra’s heart and Spencer has taken up a new extra curricular as Jason DiLaurentis stalker (because, oh yeah, he’s back, scarier than ever and now played by hottie actor Drew Van Acker). Before your jaw suffers permanent damage from all the dropping, let me offer some more details:


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Are you a nerdy Hermione lover? Do you crack up at every Weasley twin gag? Are you looney for Luna? Or are you more of a classicist, favoring boy hero Harry Potter? Or maybe you proudly wear the dark mark and villains are your thing. Whoever your favorite resident of the wizarding realm is, now is the time to make that love known with our Harry Potter World Cup.

As the end of "Harry Potter" nears (oh crap—the end is so near!), MTV News wants to know who the most beloved "Harry Potter" character is. Don't worry, no dark magic will decide this—just good, old fashioned democracy. Here's how it's going to work: 64 characters, head-to-head in a single elimination bracket (intense as a wizards duel! Okay, well, maybe not that intense, but cool, right?). Voting opens on June 20, and the finalists will be revealed on Monday, July 11—just in time to have a serious battle to the finish before the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" premiere.


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Spitting in the face of the old "blonds have more fun" theory, AnnaLynne McCord has ditched her signature blond hair for a darker 'do. Don't fret if you're a fan of her golden locks—the brown shade comes courtesy of colored mousse used to darken her hair for a film project, her agent told us. (Possibly "Officer Down" opposite David Boreanaz, if IMDb is any indication).

Rest assured, AnnaLynne's new look doesn't mean she's changing zip codes (or at least not fictional ones).

"'Okay! I'm NOT leaving 902 and the hair is for a movie I'm shooting right now. I adore all of you!! Xxx," she tweeted in response to worry from fans.



They're baaack. "Pretty Little Liars" opened the summer premiere of its second season with as many secrets and twists and mysterious text messages as we've come to expect.

Things pick up just moments after the events of the first season finale and things have gone from bad to worse. Remember how Spencer was a person of interest in the police's investigation? You might think that being almost killed by a psychopath in a bell tower would clear a girl's name, but when the alleged creeper's dead body is nowhere to be found moments later by the police, that's unfortunately not the case. Bummer. But at least she has company—after what looks like a fake 911 call and a big fat lie about Ian, all four girls are of interest. And with their frenemy cop Garrett on the case, things are even more complicated.

After a long night and sleeping off the shame of being called "liars" by the entire town (which is apparently preferable to being called "those girls who blinded Jenna"), the pretty little liars are confronted by a danger that even they can't craftily avoid: their parents. All of the liars' parents have gathered for a kind of intervention and they're ready to send the girls into group therapy, which actually goes decently. Their shrink, Dr. Anne, is that kind of caring and genuine adult that the liars feel they can really trust. Something tells me that with great traits like that, this lady isn't going to last long in Rosewood...


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Katie Alender's "Bad Girls Don't Die" series might just be the most intriguing YA series you haven't been reading. And with a plot revolving around kick-ass girls coming face-to-face with supernatural goings-on, it kind of screams "screen adaptation!" Before you groan at the prospect of more drawn out casting announcements and trailers that tease (we're looking at you, "Hunger Games" and "Twilight"), take comfort that, for the newest installment, "From Bad to Cursed," Katie has a little screen morsel prepared to give us a taste of what that film version could look like.

In case you missed the first book, just know that it involves punky teen Alexis' ordeal when her little sister, Kasey, becomes weirdly obsessed with an antique doll...and starts speaking like she's from the past and blacking out. It's Creep City—check it out.

"From Bad to Cursed" (out today) picks up when things seem to be getting back to normal. Kasey is being social and making friends who are as dorky and antisocial as she is—"The Sunshine Club." But when Kasey and company go from drab to fab pretty much overnight, Alexis decides to investigate the club first hand. Turns out the club is your basic spirit-worshiping cult, but why say no when a spirit wants to make you beautiful and popular? Nothing could go wrong there, right?


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