Deathly HallowsThe fact that Warner Bros. is having a Comic-Con panel for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is beyond exciting because, despite being one of the world's top grossing movie franchises, it has never entered the hallowed ground of San Diego's Convention Center before. WB told The New York Times there would be special footage shown, but no word on whether the cast or crew would be there.

Despite some rumor-mongering by a Comic-Con fansite on Twitter, "Harry Potter" experts MuggleNet were able to confirm with WB that the cast and crew won't be attending the panel, due to scheduling conflicts.


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TwilightIt's official: there will be no "Twilight" at the San Diego Comic-con this year. Summit sent out a press release to announce that they will be presenting their films "Red" and "Drive Angry 3D" at the big convention, which means the chances of some tease for "Breaking Dawn" are pretty slim (though our experience with Comic-con is "never say never").

This doesn't come as a surprise, since "Eclipse" has already hit theaters and "Breaking Dawn" doesn't begin filming until November, but Summit still could have had their stars show up and talk to fans to continue the insane popularity of the vampire films at the convention.

But this means that all those Con regulars that have been moaning and groaning about the infestation of teenage girls and their moms at the convention have one year of respite to tweak out about their own fan obsessions. Read More...

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