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With all the drama that unfolded in Mystic Falls last season, "Vampire Diaries" fans are very excited to learn what all their favorite characters will be up to in season three. Personally, I'm most curious about the personality changes in the brothers Salvatore. Lucky for me, I happened upon the actors playing the men in question at Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con party recently and was able to get the lowdown on how they're approaching their characters' new moods this season. Very pretty Paul Wesley explains:

"I'm excited to do something different with Stefan," he told MTV News about playing his character's darker side. "I love the heroic nature and the noble side—that's always going to be a part of him—but I'm excited to try something different for a little bit, not forever," he teased, hinting that evil Stefan's time on the show may be short-lived. (If this arc is anything à la Angel's in season two of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," I will be totally pleased.)

When I asked if Paul is excited for Stefan to get a little more feisty with brother Damon, he admitted that if it came down to a serious fight between the two, Stefan would win out every time.


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It's no secret that the final chapter of "The Twilight Saga" includes a heck of a payoff: the blessed-slash-horrifying birth of Bella and Edward's baby! And since we've been chatting with "Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon, we had to ask the obvious question: How do you film a vampire baby busting its way out of the womb without violating every tenet of PG-13 movie-making (not to mention every law of human decency)?


Turns out, Bill had a brilliant idea for keeping it real without making it gross: "I just gave myself one rule, which was let's only see what Bella can see, lying there. So all this stuff is happening, she's seeing it from her point of view—she can look around, she can look up."


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Justin Timberlake might be coming into the prime of his acting career this year with two leading roles in some pretty big films, but that doesn't make it any less weird that the former 'N Sync frontman is now 30.

Let's face it, that's basically like retirement age in young Hollywood years, though JT is just as sexy as ever. MTV News found out that his age is a bit of a sensitive subject when we caught up with the "Friends With Benefits" star at Comic-Con to talk about his upcoming action flick "In Time."

"I'd rather not talk about that," Justin deadpanned when we asked him about hitting the big 3-0 earlier this year.


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Ahhhh, Comic-Con! It's a place for movie gossip, a place for celebrity sightings and, of course, a place for seeing full-grown adults dressed up in spandex superhero suits without so much as a hint of embarrassment. But, above all, it is a place for GEEKS. Which is why, when MTV News' Josh Horowitz got a few good famous people to sit down with him for our latest After Hours, we put them to the test with a little Game of Geekery. Which "Twilight" star knows his Tolkien Trivia? Which sultry starlets are secret nerds? Can't anyone do a decent impression of Yoda anymore?! Find out, in...."GEEKS! OR! POSERS!"

Things get off to a sad start when Josh asks his assembled guests to begin by naming Elijah Wood's character in "Lord of the Rings." Amanda Seyfried stutters, "It's, uh... y'know. That guy?" before giving up. And Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed look like a pair of deer in the headlights as they each look to each other for help. Bzzzzt! Posers! Deer-lookin' posers!!!


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Of all the "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" gossip to hit the internet lately, everyone's favorite seems to be the one where James Franco tried to join the cast of the vampire blockbuster...and got flat-out turned down by director Bill Condon. So when MTV News got a chance to chat with Bill, Josh Horowitz took the opportunity to ask him about this rumored rejection. BILL! WHY U NO CAST JAMES FRANCO?

Bill, who is a very good sport about this whole thing, is happy to give us the actual scoop on what went down.


"He told a friend of mine, who then sent the message along to me," he said of learning about the Oscar-nominated actor's interest in the film. "And for a moment it was like, okay, what could James Franco play that wouldn't feel like 'Where's Waldo'?"


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If you've been having fun watching this summer's guilty pleasure "Teen Wolf," let me just tell you that the cast members are just as fun in person—maybe even more so.

When MTV News caught up with Dylan O'Brien, Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey before their panel at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, the energetic trio had so much to say that they had a hard time letting one another speak. They also had a hard time explaining the finer plot points of their series (what the Alpha effect will be, for example), but Tyler gets an A for effort for bringing up an educational sun/universe/galaxy comparison.

"We find out who [the Alpha] is soon, and as of right now, there's only one," Tyler said of Monday's big reveal. "I think there can only be one Alpha, right?" he added when asked if there will be only one. "I have no idea."


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We've made no secret of our love for Veronica Roth's debut novel, "Divergent"—an action-packed read that follows teen heroine Tris as she embarks on a new life, in a new faction of dystopian Chicago. You can imagine, then, how excited we were to chat with Veronica at San Diego Comic-Con last week to get an update on the film adaptation being produced by Summit Entertainment.

Last we had heard, Evan Daugherty, who wrote the screenplay for "Snow White and the Huntsman," had been hired to write the script for "Divergent." So what's the latest?

"I actually met him today," Veronica told us. "And he got my email so we can be in contact about some of the things—I think he has a pretty good image of some of the places and characters, but some of them are a little iffy for him, so he's going to be asking me questions."

Of course, with a finished script will come a casting call, and in finding the perfect Tris, Veronica is hoping more for someone with stellar acting chops than someone with the right-colored locks. "For me, they are clearly their own people, so if I had a dream cast, it would be people who are relatively unknown or anyone who can capture the sort of tough but vulnerable spirit Tris has," she said. "I'd rather have a good actor than an actor who looks just right."


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"The Twilight Saga" has not only busted box-office records, but it's also produced a trio of soundtracks that have predictably lived at the top of the charts. So while we're eagerly anticipating the series' closing cinematic chapters, we're also itching for a new, neatly wrapped package of ear candy as well.

Some good news for you fellow soundtrackphiles: When we caught up with "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" director Bill Condon at San Diego Comic-Con, he revealed that one of the film's stars will likely grace the soundtrack! Though, unsurprisingly, he wouldn't divulge who.

Now, in my mind, there are two main contenders for this honor: Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone. Considering what Bill had to say about his vision for the finale ("I always thought of 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' as a real companion piece to Catherine Hardwicke's movie... I think you'll find that there are stylistic and other nods to that film."), I'm leaning towards Rob. As you'll recall, the dreamboat had two moody numbers featured on the "Twilight" soundtrack, so if we're coming full circle...

Though co-star Jackson certainly shouldn't be counted out just yet. Jasper Hale's alter ego is part of the very real, very playful band 100 Monkeys, and he told us recently of the band's likelihood of appearing on the soundtrack, "it could happen."

But let's not forget dark horse Kristen Stewart. The starlet already has one soundtrack to her name—2010's "The Runaways," in which she plays (and sings as) rock goddess Joan Jett. Perhaps Bella has one angsty number inside of her? (Or maybe not...)

Of course, we can't completely eliminate the idea of an out-of-left-field pick like Ashley Greene or Kellan Lutz, but that seems pretty unlikely, don't you think?

So it's your turn, Crushers. Who do you think should appear on the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack? Vote in our poll after the jump!


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When we took an informal straw poll at San Diego Comic-Con asking "Twilight" fans which scenes they were hoping to peek at "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" panel, it came as no surprise that the sex scene was, um, tops. So you better believe when we got face time with the man behind the magic (i.e. director Bill Condon), we peppered him with plenty of questions about the squeal-inducing scenes.

First, we wanted to know who the scenes were more awkward for: him or actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

"It's probably most weird for them, I would imagine," he answered with a laugh. "But the thing is, they're so comfortable with each, so they made the whole thing—it was kind of fun."


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Confession time: We're a little nervous about season three of "Vampire Diaries." We've never been big on change, and with Stefan (Paul Wesley) going to the dark side and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) embracing his inner anti-hero, it's pretty clear that Mystic Falls is about to get a heavy dose of it.

So when we caught up with Nina Dobrev during San Diego Comic-Con, we asked her to weigh in on how she feels about her main men (on screen at least!) switching roles. Luckily, she's handling it a lot better than we are.

"Paul is very happy that Stefan is now going to the bad side," Nina said. "He's really excited about it, and I think it's going to be great for him. He's a very strong actor, so it's awesome."


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