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It’s Friday! You’re probably getting ready to go to the beach (or, if you live in the Northeast like us, take cover from the rain) or hit the town, but before you head out to enjoy your weekend, check out our new, improved Friday Crush Worthy feature. Instead of just telling you about the pop stories you were crushing on for the past week, now we're showing you. So press play on the video above to see a few of Hollywood Crush's finest staffers tackle the week's past news and keep reading for more details on our juiciest headlines.

On Monday, we told you all about The Jonas Brothers’ special edition Rolling Stone issue. The bookazine hits newsstands today and is chock full of JoBros posters and interviews that can please even the most die-hard JoBros fan. We already gave you a sneak peek at the Jonas Brothers quiz inside, but you can finally can test your own knowledge of all things Nick, Joe and Kevin Get excited! Read More...

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Starlet Megan Fox can now cross one item off of her bucket list. When asked earlier this year about rumors she and Robert Pattinson had at one time been an item, the "Transformers" star told MTV News that she had never even been in the same room with the "pretty" actor.

Well, that all changed at last night's Teen Choice Awards where the two got up close and personal (hope Kristen's not jealous!), to receive matching surf board awards for "Choice Hotties." Read More...

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Welcome back to Crush Worthy, our weekly roundup of all the posts you paid the most attention to throughout the past seven days. Once again, almost all of the most popular stories on Hollywood Crush were comprised of details surrounding a certain big November sequel. We're not sure you've heard of it, so we'll give you a hint: it's a movie about vampires. The week's biggest surprise came, though, when a a playful blonde took over the top spot from those bloodsuckers when she posed for the cover of a magazine. And if you think we're referring to Heidi Montag, think again. Take a look at how the week looked:

Jessica Simpson has found her way back into the headlines recently for a public breakup with her former football beau, Tony Romo. However, it wasn't until she appeared on the cover of Glamour (and talked about her heartbreak) that you all decided she was really worth your time.

Once you recovered from hearing about Jessica's tales of woe, your minds turned toward the road ahead as you began to schedule future engagements (like the premiere of "Eclipse"!) with our look at the "New Moon" 2010 calendar and a few of the juicy images included inside. Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" quite like Taylor Lautner. Read More...


Gideon YagoOn August 1, 28-years-ago a little channel called MTV launched. And, with it came hot guys known as VJ's and correspondents presenting music videos and music news to teenagers all across this great land known as America.

Over the network's nearly thirty year span, there have been so many interesting personalities - Pauly Shore, Bill Bellamy, Jesse Camp - that you forget that there have been some hotties gracing this network as well. And while we salute some of our current talent like Tim Kash, Sway and Tres' Carlos Santos for keeping the airwaves attractive, but we also are reflecting on some of the fine fellows who have graced the famed Times Square building before them and defined what it meant for us to be teenagers.

5) Brian McFayden: We couldn't help but be a little broken-hearted when we found out that this VJ and the network's resident blonde bombshell was dating Nicky Hilton. Read More...

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New Moon cast at Comic-Con Welcome back to Crush Worthy, our weekly roundup of all the posts you paid the most attention to throughout the past seven days. Not surprisingly, this week, your mind was off of wizards and back on to vampires (and werewolves for that matter). With San Diego's Comic-Con kicking into full gear on Wednesday night, your taste for all things "Twilight" also did, too. Take a look at how the week looked:

- In the days before the "New Moon" rose at Comic-Con, you kept your blood pumping by learning that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner would all be making appearances at the San Diego gathering. The rumors wound up to be (thank goodness!) true. Read More...

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Katherine Heigl was pretty uptight in "Knocked Up." And she's not any less uptight in her new flick, "The Ugly Truth." In the new rom com, opening today, she plays uber-uptight TV producer Abby, who finds herself challenged to find love by her chauvinistic on-air correspondent played by Gerard Butler. What a challenge, indeed! But according to Katherine herself she thinks she might be getting very uptight in real life thanks to her work in these flicks.

"Yes it was fun," she told MTV News at the junket for "The Ugly Truth." "Unfortunately, I think I'm starting to take a little bit of my roles with me in my real life cause I'm playing a lot of uptight control freak women lately and I'm becoming one. I'm really relating, but yeah it was really fun to play and her absolute cluelessness on how to approach men and how to win a guy over."

Press Play above to hear more from the "Grey's Anatomy" star and keep reading about her "Ugly Truth" after the jump. Read More...

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Tom FeltonWelcome to a new feature here on Hollywood Crush called "Crush Worthy," where every Friday we'll take you back through the past week's most popular posts. Think of it as an index to everything you found to be super worthy of your attention for the past seven days.

So, let's get this party started! The stories you felt the most compelled to click on on HC this week were all about "Twilight," "Harry Potter" and in some cases ... both! It seems that when we were able to combine the two fantastical franchises into one post it meant extra love from all of guys! Somehow, not everything fell onto a wizard's and vampire's shoulders, though. A "G.I. Joe" soldier also found his way into your hearts. Check out how the week looked:

- Just before a virtual unknown named Xavier Samuel was awarded the coveted role of Riley in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," you continued to speak out in massive support of "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton to play the newborn vampire.

- Tom's "Potter" castmate Emma Watson struck your fancy next. Not for her decision to go to college in the U.S., or for her chic fashion sense, but because she dished on who makes her heart race more: Harry Potter or Edward Cullen. (It's a tough decision!) Read More...

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