How adorable was Anna Kendrick tonight when she won the trophy for Best Breakout Star at the MTV Movie Awards? Beating out the likes of Chris Pine, Zach Galifianakis and more, Anna, who was wearing a Zac Posen frock, was visibly surprised when her name was called. So much so, she even kept her speech short and sweet (just like she is!). "I am not cool enough to win an MTV Movie Award," she said when she got on stage, "so I am not going to mess it up by talking any more than I should."

Turns out, the "Up in the Air" actress might of been a little nervous as she was a golden popcorn virgin. "This is my first MTV Movie Awards," she told MTV News' Josh Horowitz on the red carpet before the show. "I'm really excited." She was so excited, in fact, that she didn't really think to prepare beforehand. "It didn't occur to me until I pulled up that that is kind of a loud, crazy event!" Me thinks she's spent way too much time away from the world of passionate "Twilight" fans!

What did you think of Anna's win for Best Breakout Star for "Up in The Air"? What about her speech?

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Those Warner Bros. teases. They told us we'd be getting a clip (a whole clip!!) from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1," but what they slipped us was the film's second teaser trailer. It's the first we've seen from the film since its first teaser was released back in December, and this newest one gave us a bit more of an idea what we're looking forward to. Sort of.

Want to know what makes up for that entirely? Tom Felton , who took home the golden popcorn for Best Villain, confirming exclusively to MTV News that, yes, his girlfriend Jade Olivia WILL be playing the role of his wife Astoria in the "Deathly Hallows" epilogue. Since photos of her on set, in costume surfaced last week, sites had been speculating that she had the role, but Tom told us that we were the first to get the official news.


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Is it June 30 yet? And can you really wait the next 24 days after seeing that exclusive "Eclipse" clip? Didn't think so, but here's a solution: read our thoughts on it, and then rewatch the clip for the next two hours. It will kind of work. Sort of.

The special clip for the MTV Movie Awards was an extended scene from what we've already seen in the "Eclipse" trailers, but they certainly saved the juicy stuff for us. It is the confrontational scene from the beginning of the film where Bella (Kristen Stewart) first finds out — thanks to her BFF Jacob (Taylor Lautner) — that Victoria(Bryce Dallas Howard) is coming to try to kill her.


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We started out with Les Grossman, whose Tom Cruise cameo might have gone over a few of your heads. If you have no idea why the A-list movie star was dressed up like an overweight ugly bearded producer, then do yourself a favor and go out and rent "Tropic Thunder." Then cross your fingers that Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson actually star in a movie called "Bad-Ass Cops." But never grow handle bar mustaches. Either way, the film would probably make at least a billion domestic.

The intro video went on to include some of the biggest films coming out — Michael Cera ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World") was seen trading in his life as an actor to be a book end, Jaden Smith kicked Les's ass in a karate fight while his dad Will looked on in approval — and then Les sent us on with a show.


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Kristen Stewart just won the award for Best Female Performance and Best Kiss (with Robert Pattinson, not Dakota Fanning!) but did she win an award for one of the best dressed of the night at the MTV Movie Awards?

Looking super metallic in a gold and silver Dolce & Gabbana number, we liked the length of the dress but didn't like how the top was cut so straight across. Kristen tends to look more fabulous when her clothes are structured more for her body type (see: her amazing Oscars gown!). It was a nice change for her to wear shoes other than those peep-toe platforms we are used to, and we really do like her hair pulled back like that because we are able to see her smile and see her facial expression with Robert got oh-so-close to her lips on stage!


What did you think of Kristen's dress (or was it a top and skirt?)? Win, lose or in the middle?

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Clear a comfy seat on your couch, turn your TV to MTV and get your bowl of golden popcorn popping because the 2010 MTV Movie Awards are upon us! Stay with MTV News staffers Jocelyn Vena (who will be live on the scene) and Lindsay Soll throughout the pre-show as we bring you every last ounce of gossip and fashion we can squeeze out of the red carpet at the Gibson Amphitheatre. So, get ready for a live blog extravaganza, HIT REFRESH OFTEN (note that the newest posts will appear at the bottom) and weigh-in in often in the comments section below!

6:23 Welcome to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards!!

6:24 Our inside reporter, Jocelyn, is placed on the red carpet and ready to go! In case you want to know, she is wearing a strapless black leopard embossed Jill Stuart dress — look for her on TV!

6:26 It's a bajillion degrees out at the Universal Lot in L.A. Let's hope the starlets are able to keep their makeup fresh and their clothes on! We might not say as much to, uh, say Bradley Cooper or Zac Efron though!

6:30 Our other MTV News reporters are also quite fashion savvy tonight (as they always are!). Sway is rocking a grey pinstripe vest and matching suit pants along with a blue shirt and multicolored tie. Very dashing! All of it is by Sean John. Tim Kash looks James Bond-chic in Dolce & Gabbana: a suit jacket, vest, t-shirt and jeans combo.

6:32 "Eclipse" star Chaske Spencer is also here already! He looks cute in jeans and a blazer. We're starting to think this will be the standard attire for the guys tonight.

6:38 The nights big DJ's, LMFAO, just arrived. We'll try our best to describe their over the top (yeah, no surprise here!) outfits: Red Foo is in a gold suit complete with studs and spiderweb patches, while Sky Blu has on white jeans and a Michael Jackson-inspired white, black and red motorcycle jacket. Crazy looks boys, but we love it!


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It's Sunday, and mere hours from the start of the MTV News' MTV Movie Awards pre-show, featuring guest correspondent and "Jersey Shore" star Snooki. As she rehearsed for the big night, Snooki was confident that she and fellow correspondent Sway are going to be the "hottest" duo on the red carpet.

"I'm so excited; me and Sway are gonna kill it on the red carpet," she said. "I know [we're the best duo!] And the hottest!"

Sway may have to really step up the quido factor of his outfit if he wants to meet Snooki's standards. "You have no idea!" she teased of how hot her own dress will be.


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The MTV Movie Awards are hours away, and while the big show is where most of the action happens, the red carpet has its fair share of crazy moments as well. And with guest correspondent Snooki on the loose, the stakes have seriously been raised. Especially when it looks like Snooks has her eye on none other than "New Moon" star Taylor Lautner.

"Taylor Lautner has guido potential," the "Jersey Shore" castmate told us. Hmmm, Lautner as a werewolf? Yes. Lautner as Taylor Swift's boy toy? Sure. But Lautner as a guido? That's not the first thought that comes to most people's minds. Snooki knows a guido when she sees one, though, and she (rather convincingly) listed Taylor's guido assets. "He has the tan. ... He has the muscles. He's almost like gorilla status, if he keeps going to the gym." Read More...

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On Sunday, "New Moon" actor Alex Meraz will be attending the MTV Movie Awards with his fellow "Twilight Saga" stars. He caught up with MTV News' Jim Cantiello on the red carpet at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, the day before the show goes live, to go over his red-carpet strategy. (For photos, click here)!

While there, the wolfy "New Moon" star jokingly revealed: "I set this up. I had to roll the red carpet out. So it will be nice to be walking on it."

When he wasn't strutting on the carpet, he was practicing some poses, which included common moves like the tiger, the wolf and the vampire. Well, actually, since Alex has some beef with vampires (at least on the big screen), he opted to go with the wolf again instead. Read More...

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Tomorrow night, when fans tune in to the MTV Movie Awards, not only will they get to see some of their favorite stars sitting in the audience, but they will see some fellow fans in there as well. That means these very, very lucky audience members will be sitting right there with the stars, hobnobbing with some of Hollywood's A-list talent and right near the stage ... where they can even have a run-in with Robert Pattinson.

"Those are our fantastically energetic kids and are totally into it and in those seats," seating-chart maven Suz-Anna told MTV News when we caught up with her inside Universal City, California's Gibson Amphitheatre, where she was prepping for the big show.


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