We're half way through our big Fall Movie Preview Week, it's the first day of September and Labor Day weekend is a few short days away (woo hoo!). These events have us, unsurprisingly, looking forward to what great films will be hitting theaters over the next few months. It was a bit of a lackluster summer blockbuster season, but the fall films (let's say the ones released between September and November) have offered up some pretty awesome trailers so far. Consider us teased.

While we have our own set of must-sees, we want to know what you guys can't wait to watch over the next few months! So click on after the jump to cast your vote for the fall movie you are most excited to see.


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Rihanna wax statueRihanna is known for her over-the-top looks. From the crazy outfits she wears on the red carpet, to her kooky concert looks, the "Rude Boy" singer lives for all things couture. So, when the Rihanna Wax Figure had its big debut at Madame Tussauds in Washington, D.C., we were pretty shocked to see the pretty tame outfit the people over at Madame's chose to put the singer in. Wearing super skinny pants, a black blazer and a sexy tank, they accessorized the sophisticated look with nothing more than earrings and a pin. Now, we know that Rihanna can do sophisticated just as well as anybody else, but we love Rihanna because she can do wacky better than most (other than maybe Lady Gaga). So it got us thinking: What more recent, memorable Rihanna looks would you have preferred to see on the Rihanna wax figure? If you don't like any of our options, as always, feel free to leave your own in the comments section.



While we were pretty happy with the way the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences doled out awards last night at the Emmy's, we couldn't help but feel there were a couple of our favorite actors and shows who didn't get the love we feel they so rightly deserved! If only there were enough awards for everyone nominated. Shouldn't there be a Most Droolworthy Swede award for Alexander Skarsgård, or Best Almost-Incorporation Of Billy Bob Thorton Award for the "Friday Night Lights" final episode?

Until the Academy starts hearing our pleas (How about an honorary Emmy to Conan O'Brien for the Best Fan Support System Ever?), we'll just have to live another year wishing that one person had received the Emmy they deserved. Help us decide who was robbed the most by taking our poll after the jump, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section after the jump.


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Earlier today we joked that newly single songstress Miley Cyrus should date MTV's very own Jim Cantiello (what girl could turn down beef jerky and prank phone calling?). But that got us thinking: Seriously, who should she date next?! She's already been courted by a singer (Nick Jonas), an actor (Liam Hemsworth) and a model-actor-singer (Justin Gaston). Pinpointing a common thread among these suitors—besides the fact that they all work in entertainment—is a bit tricky. Liam is super-tall, whereas Nick is about average. Justin and Nick have dark hair, while Liam's is more flaxen. The Aussie likes to wear board shorts, while Nick opts for classier duds, and Justin sometimes wears nothing at all. Even if her type is a bit nebulous, that won't stop us from playing matchmaker. Help us decide who Miley should date next by taking our poll after the jump. If you don't like any of our options, as always, feel free to leave your own in the comments section.


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Welcome to our new daily feature, Multiple Choice, where you'll get to weigh in on what's making news!

Emma Watson already wowed the world by chopping off her long Hermione-hair this month, but now she's dropped another bomb: The "Harry Potter" star told an English newspaper that she may quit acting for good, now that her role in the franchise that made her famous has come to a close.

We don't blame Emma for taking the chance to figure out what her other strengths are, finish up college and enjoy some time away from the cameras (although we would have loved to see that awesome new pixie cut onscreen—a remake of "Rosemary's Baby," perhaps?) But if Emma's not acting, what will she do? Tell us what you think in today's Multiple Choice!


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