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by Christina Garibaldi

Listen up ladies! Have you spent all summer being dragged to the movies by your boyfriend just to see action flick after action flick? Well, we think it's time these guys return the favor and do the unthinkable—see a chick flick! But we bet they'll need a little convincing, which is where our new feature, Defend Your Chick Flick, comes in! Feast your eyes on our first installment featuring the ladies of "Monte Carlo."

The rom-com, which stars Selena Gomez as a teen mistaken for a British heiress while vacationing in France, hits theaters today, and follows Selena, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy as they encounter some crazy adventures on their European tour. Don't have your boyfriend running to the box office just yet?

Well, here's Selena and Leighton to defend their chick flick, reassuring us that this movie isn't just for the girls.

"Boys are going to want to see it because of this one," Leighton joked, pointing to Selena. "It’s definitely romantic, there’s a lot of that, if you are a sensitive kind of guy," she added.


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I'm pretty sure Ryan Gosling is just messing with us now. How else to explain this new character one sheet for his upcoming romantic comedy "Crazy, Stupid, Love."?

Because once again, RYAN'S SHIRT HAS FALLEN OFF. (Not that we're complaining.)

In the flick, out July 29, Ryan plays luscious lothario Jacob, who helps whip newly single sad sack Steve Carell into dating shape. And, as you can probably guess, Jacob finds a lady of his own along the way, as well.

In this latest bit of marketing collateral, Ryan and co-star Emma Stone (who plays his love interest Hannah) share a (post-coital?) chuckle while wearing very little clothing. The pectoral preview isn't quite as spectacular as what we peeked in the trailer but, again, no complaints from us.


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We've gone far too long without a stellar Anna Faris comedy, and fortunately her newest has everything we're looking for: cute boys, an original storyline and, oh yeah, more cute boys.

The international trailer for her latest, "What's Your Number," has hit the web, and finally we get a look at the all-star casting we had been following so closely this time last year. Anna and Chris Evans star as the film's romantic leads, with everyone from Dave Annable to Joel McHale playing Anna's many, many ex boyfriends. Missing yourself some Zachary Quinto? He's in there. What about Andy Samberg and Chris Pratt? Check and check.

At least all their pretty faces will make up for all the awful reminders this trailer brings of our own terrifying ex stories.


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by Alex Mohr

Just when we thought it was impossible for Kellan Lutz to become any dreamier, he went and spilled his heart out to on-screen fiancee Mandy Moore in their upcoming rom-com "Love, Wedding, Marriage" (out June 3). In addition to another swoon-worthy shirtless scene featuring the "Twilight" star (you saw the first in the previous trailer, right?), let's round up the new plot twists revealed in this extended look!

We already know Mandy's character is engaged to Kellan's, but now we get to look right into his baby blues as he confesses his love and desire to spend every day of the rest of his life with…her. Please tell me I wasn't the only one who got caught up in that moment!


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Typically when you hear an actor or actress wants to try their hand at something new—be it singing or producing or starting a line of perfumes and colognes—most of the time it's hard not to think, 'Don't quit your day job!'

But when it comes to someone like the uber-talented Drew Barrymore, we can't help but get excited about her latest venture, be it on or off-screen. After directing 2009's underrated, kick-butt roller derby movie "Whip It," Drew will, thankfully be heading behind the camera once more, this time for a genre that's even more up her alley: romantic comedies!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Drew, who was last seen in the funny romance-from-afar flick "Going The Distance," will be at the helm of "How To Be Single," the big-screen adaptation of the novel by the same name that "explores the loves lives and break-ups of a group of New Yorkers over the course of 10 years." There's no word yet on whether Drew will also star in the movie.

Though we never need an excuse to watch a romantic comedy or support Drew Barrymore, we wanted to share three big reasons why we think this pairing is going to be a match made in movie heaven:


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For the "Valentine's Day" fans out there who've been following all the latest and greatest news surrounding director Garry Marshall's follow-up/spin-off, "New Year's Eve," we know only a few things for sure: a) Similar to "Valentine's Day," the plot involves a bunch of intersecting characters and storylines b) The cast is ginormous c) No really, there are too many people in this movie.

Anyway! When MTV News caught up with Abigail Breslin recently during the press day for her upcoming animated spaghetti western/adventure film "Rango," in which she supplies her voice over talents opposite stars Johnny Depp and Isla Fischer, I asked her for an update on her role in "New Year's Eve."

Unfortunately Abigail couldn't tell us much, aside from the fact that she starts filming her role sometime in March, but I had some fun with her anyway.

"What can you tell us about your character?" I asked.

"I can't say," Abigail said with a smile. "But I guess you'll just have to wait and see," she teased.

Since she wasn't going to give up any goods, I changed tactics and put her on the spot by challenging her to name everyone in the film's crazy-huge cast.


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by Alex Mohr

What do you get when you combine a newlywed marriage counselor with hilarious parents who drop the bomb that they’re getting divorced weeks before their blowout anniversary party? If you’re talking about "Love, Wedding, Marriage," then you must mean the golden recipe for a blockbuster comedy.

The trailer, which hit the web today, seems to have all of the key ingredients for a successful wedding-centric movie: father James Brolin moving in with the newlyweds (walking in on them canoodling, natch), an eccentric marriage counselor called in as a last resort to save the marriage and, of course…Jane Seymour.

This isn’t helmer Dermot Mulroney’s first walk down the aisle as he starred in "My Best Friend’s Wedding" alongside Julia Roberts, but this does mark his directorial debut. As for Mandy Moore, who we watched jump through hoops just to make it to the altar in "License to Wed," she'll be flexing her acting chops as she embodies not only as a happy newlywed but a go-to girl for marriage advice. Needless to say she will not accept defeat when her idealized picture of a perfect couple comes crashing down before her eyes. What does she do instead? Ask Jessica Szohr to help her pick out flower arrangements for the anniversary celebration that is going to happen.


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Seeing Kate Hudson in a rom-com may be as expected as doing "The Electric Slide" at a wedding reception, but we're still definitely RSVP'ing to "Something Borrowed." Why? Well, it's adapted from one of the very best chick lit books ever, and it also stars other Hollywood Crush faves like Ginnifer Goodwin, Colin Egglesfield and John Krasinski.

The trailer for "Something Borrowed," due in theaters this summer, finally hit the web last night, and it looks as though Ms. Hudson was right—they're sticking pretty close to Emily Giffin's beloved best-seller.

The clip begins with us meeting Rachel (the always-adorable and oh-so-right-for-this part, Ginnifer) and Dex (Colin), law school classmates who clearly have a connection, until Rachel's self-centered BFF Darcy (Kate) swoops in on him.

Fast forward six years later to Rachel's 30th birthday bash (where the book actually starts) and after some libations she and Dex (who is now engaged to Darcy) wind up kissing in a cab and spending the night together.


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Production on the ensemble rom-com "New Year's Eve" began last month—but that isn't stopping director Garry Marshall from adding on to the already-enormous cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is rounding out its hospital subplot with two more medical roles: one for Carla Gugino, who's playing a doctor, and one for Halle Berry, who's returning to the film just in time to snag a role as a nurse. (Remember, Halle's original role as a caterer was filled by Katherine Heigl, after the Academy Award-winner left the production last month amid rumors of impending nastiness due to a custody dispute.)

With cameras rolling, Halle and Carla should be among the last few actors to trickle in to this NYE party—although we're holding out for at least a few more stars to come on board for petite cameo roles. Meanwhile, the two will almost certainly share some screen time with fellow stars Robert DeNiro, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Biel and Seth Meyers, all of whom are attached to the movie's hospital scenes.


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Who's the boss of 'New Year's Eve'? Yes, Garry Marshall is the director, but we want to know Who's the Boss? Okay, okay all joking about '80s sitcoms aside, this lengthy set-up is to tell you that Alyssa Milano is the latest actress to join the rom-com's jumbo cast, according to Variety.

The "Hall Pass" star will play the role of a hospital nurse keeping holiday company with an old, lonely patient. Could she be the counterpart to Robert De Niro's bitter old sickie? We'll have to see!

Alyssa's casting isn't the only "New Year's Eve" news making the rounds today. When MTV News spoke with Garry last year, he said he was trying to lineup a Justin Bieber cameo for the film. But, sadly, E! News is reporting that scheduling conflicts may keep the Biebs from making an appearance. I guess there will be one more lonely girl this New Year's.


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