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Looks like New Line better update its RSVP list. Variety is reporting that former "Grey's Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl is replacing Halle Berry in Garry Marshall's star-studded rom-com "New Year's Eve." No word on why Halle dropped out of the holiday flick. It had been reported that Halle was in talks to play a caterer, so we suspect Katherine will step into an apron for the role.

"New Year's Eve" will reunite Katherine with a couple of her recent leading men including "Killers" costar Ashton Kutcher and "Life as We Know It"'s Josh Duhamel. Here's hoping "NYE"'s box office looks more like its predecessor film "Valentine's Day" ($110 million) rather than those Katherine-starring flicks which each grossed about $50 million.


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Three more actors have gotten their invitations for "New Year's Eve," continuing to grow the cast list for next year's holiday rom-com juggernaut. The latest to join discussions: Josh Duhamel, Ryan Seacrest and Ice Cube, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Josh is in talks for a role as a nutty obsessive stalker lovestruck romantic, desperately searching for the mystery girl he met briefly on a previous New Year's Eve; Mr. Cube would play a New York City cop; and Ryan Seacrest would play a television host named... um, Ryan Seacrest. (Unlike fellow pop-culture icon Jon Bon Jovi, who signed on last week to play an aging rock star who is definitely not Jon Bon Jovi.) I guess it makes since seeing as Ryan does host "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" every year.


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What's happening next "New Year's Eve"? Only the biggest Hollywood party EVER—and the giant holiday rom-com, a follow-up to last year's "Valentine's Day," just gained some new cast members! According to The Hollywood Reporter, "SNL" funnyman Seth Meyers and rocker Jon Bon Jovi will be joining the party for director Garry Marshall's new film—two new additions who promise not only a pair of great comedic performances, but also a nice, big side serving of Jersey Hair.

Seth will be paired up with Jessica Biel, rounding out the other half of a couple who's racing to birth the first baby of the new year. And Jon, of course, will be playing a doctor handing out holiday doses of BAD MEDICINE.

...Okay, just kidding. Actually, he'll be acting opposite Halle Berry and playing... a rock star. How difficult for him.


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Haley Murphy

Natalie Portman will trade her "Black Swan" ballerina tutu for medical student scrubs this weekend in the new comedy "No Strings Attached," and I, for one, cannot wait to see her and Ashton Kutcher's on-screen chemistry. The movie focuses on the not-so-politically correct relationship between two friends who try to be just that: friends...but with benefits. Except, Ashton's Adam pines for more with Natalie's commitment-phobic Emma (role reversal!). I'm no psychic, but I'm guessing the two end up together. It wouldn't be a romantic comedy if they didn't, right?

Some wise person once said it's best to fall in love with your best friend, which wouldn't be too hard if my BFF looked like Ashton—just sayin'. Since we just love a best-friend-turned-true-love romance, we've compiled a list of our favorite movies where besties fall for each other. Swoon with us:


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by Haley Murphy

While Kate Hudson awaits the birth of her bundle of joy, we'll relish another one of her labors of love: the romantic dramedy "A Little Bit of Heaven." The official international trailer was released today, and we can already feel the tears coming.

I have noticed a serious pattern for poor Kate, and I really feel the need to help her out. Kate always has the unfortunate job of playing the emotionally withdrawn power female who tries desperately to NOT fall in love with her gorgeous heart-melting co-stars.

I feel ya Kate…it's no problem. I will love them for you—no strings attached for this girl!

While the trailer is mostly upbeat and involves a lot of kissing with Kate's hunky doctor played by "Letters to Juliet" star Gael Garcia Bernal, it's at a dinner with her friends that her character, Marley Corbett, announces she has been diagnosed with cancer. (Watch the full trailer after the jump!)


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New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and with it starts production on Garry Marshall's follow-up to the celeb-packed "Valentine's Day," appropriately titled "New Year's Eve." The film follows a whole bunch of couples ringing in the new year in NYC, and since the film hasn't started filming yet, we figured now would be as good a time as any to come up with a list of 11 New Year's resolutions for the upcoming movie.

We all know it's tough to stick to our resolutions throughout the entire year, but hopefully "New Year's Eve" will make good on a couple of our suggestions. After all, is it so tough to cast Alexander Skarsgård or get Lady Gaga to perform a song-and-dance number in the flick? Didn't think so. Click on after the jump to see the resolutions!


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There are worse things than living and working in the stunning Swiss Alps and not knowing how to ski. But apparently if you're a chalet girl—basically a foreign housekeeper in a ritzy ski resort (like an au pair, but for cleaning)—it's pretty much the worst sin in the world. Or so we've learned from the new trailer for "Chalet Girl," a movie about a, uh, chalet girl that's set to come out February 11.

Luckily our British heroine has a natural talent for snowboarding, and thus makes waves in the posh world she's transplanted into. It's essentially your typical "poor girl in rich world" fish-out-of-water story, but with winter sports.

Here are five reasons why we're intrigued by the trailer:


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Getting to sit down for an interview with "Morning Glory" star Rachel McAdams would be a nerve-wracking moment in any entertainment reporter's career. What if you stutter? Say the wrong thing? Become so overwhelmingly star-struck that you spontaneously combust, but not before vomiting all over your shoes?!

But for MTV's Josh Horowitz, sitting down for this one-on-one chat with the actress had him worried about something else: stamina.

"If you have 10 percent of your character's spirit or attitude, then I feel like I'm going to be exhausted by the end of the interview," he joked, as Rachel settled in to talk about her role in the upcoming film.

"I'll try to stay in my seat!" she replied with a laugh.


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This week at Crush, we're all about the Working Girl—putting on our best office attire, wrangling our Blackberry with veteran skills and recognizing the career-driven gal's archetypal place in Hollywood as we honor Rachel McAdams' starring role in "Morning Glory" (in theaters now).

Yesterday, we mapped out a list of fab professional women throughout movie history with our compilation of the greatest working girls of all time. And if reading about all these office-dwelling divas has you anxious to join their ranks, you're in luck, because today we're bringing you a list of must-have items for the serious careerist.


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Ever since Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant's newsroom shenanigans in "His Girl Friday," Hollywood has been fascinated by the Working Girl—that chic, career-driven leading lady who kicks ass, takes names and looks fabulous in a pencil skirt. Driven by pure professionalism, the Working Girl excels at the office, intimidates her male coworkers, sacrifices her personal life to work extra hours and, of course, would never, ever get caught using an office Xerox to make illicit photocopies of her butt.

The latest star to take on a working woman role is Rachel McAdams, who we'll get to see play a hotshot morning show producer when her latest film, "Morning Glory" premieres this week. And today, we're taking a look at all the ladies who paved the way before her, with a list of our favorite working girls throughout cinematic history. Which of these actresses would we most want to share a cubicle with? Check it!


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