When the first trailer for "The Runaways" hit last month, it was a bit of a shock to see Dakota Fanning rocking out to "Cherry Bomb" in a corset and seven-inch platforms. Her role as Cherie Currie in the film has been heralded as the beloved child star's first role where she can be seen as an adult, and Dakota is loving every second of it.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz got a chance to sit down with her at Sundance and ask how she felt wearing clothes she had never worn in a film before. "I loved it," Dakota replied with a smile on her face. "I loved the wardrobe so much. I loved it every day. And I got to keep it all, so that's the best part."


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If you'd heard of Katie Holmes' new film "The Extra Man" long before its Sundance Film Festival debut this week, it's probably thanks to those rascally paparazzi constantly snapping shots on the New York-based set. It seems one could hardly read a blog or tabloid last February without seeing pics from the production. While some movies nearly come to a grinding halt because of the flash bulbs (ahem, "Remember Me"), Katie credits her directors and costars with helping her to remain on point.

"I'm able to focus," Katie told MTV News when asked if the paparazzi distracted her. "It was wonderful because Bob and Shari are such great directors and Paul Dano is such a great actor and Kevin Klein and John C. Reilly. We were all a team and trying to make it a great movie. So it was really all about that."

Kudos to Katie and Co. for working through a tough situation. Perhaps they can be consultants on Robert Pattinson's next film.

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We average American audiences still have another two months to wait until "The Runaways" hits theaters, but those lucky enough to have attended Sundance this past week already had their first look during the film's premiere. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning chatted with MTV about how they felt going into the film.

"I'm so glad that we can let other people know [about the story]. I had never even heard of the story, and a lot of young people hadn't," Kristen said about how she was happy she joined the film.

As for whether they found any aspect of the film particularly daunting, Dakota seemed to have taken it all in stride. "I wasn't dreading anything, actually. I was just really excited to actually do it. It's one of those things, like, you don't know how it's going to feel until you're actually there. And for me, 'Cherry Bomb' was really what kind of summed the experience up for me," Dakota said.


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Delete the first two words from the Sundance movie title "Sympathy for Delicious" and you're only left with one telling adjective: delicious.

That's the word we would use to describe the snapshot below of Orlando Bloom and Juliette Lewis. It was taken today at MTV's Sundance Photo Booth (earlier, we showed you the outcome of Kristen Stewart's and Jame's Franco's turns in front of the camera). The duo star together in "Sympathy," which is about a paralyzed DJ (Christopher Thornton) who has the power to heal everyone but himself. To see their full contribution to our virtual scrapbook (which now includes Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams!) click on the image below.

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There is a multitude of questions surrounding "Breaking Dawn," the potentially final installment of "The Twilight Saga," including who will direct the film, when it will begin production and whether or not it will be broken up into two films — but as it stands, the only true guarantee is that "Breaking Dawn" will exist on film some day.

At the Sundance Film Festival, MTV News spoke with Kristen Stewart to see if she could shed some much needed light on the highly anticipated movie, but it turns out that the on-screen Bella Swan is just as in the dark as the rest of the franchise's fans.

"I don't even know if it's going to be one [film] or two, or who is directing it, or when it's even going [to start]," she admitted. "I know that it's going to go, but not when yet."


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Have you ever heard the saying, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere"? Frank Sinatra (and more recently, Jay-Z) famously sang those words about the Big Apple, and they couldn't be more true. And in the rough and tumble wilds of New York City, sometimes you've got to do more than wait tables to make a living— evidenced by the film "The Extra Man," which debuts tonight at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film, which stars Paul Dano, Katie Holmes, Kevin Kline and John C. Reilly, follows Paul's aspiring playwright character Louis, who moves to New York to pursue his dreams but ends up supplementing his day job at an environmental journal by escorting Upper East Side society women at night. But it looks like Louis has his eye on a paramour much closer to his age. Check out our exclusive clip below in which Louis meets his coworker (and potential love interest?) Mary (Katie) for the first time.

Will you be seeing "The Extra Man" when it hits theaters later this year?

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They're wrapped up in cozy jackets, knit scarves and most likely covered in remnants of snow, but that hasn't stopped the celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival from taking a seat in MTV's Sundance Photo Booth. Remember when stars used to take self portraits when they stopped by "TRL"? Well we're keeping that tradition alive with a booth set up in Park City.

So many big names have already come through (including Ben Affleck, Malin Akerman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt), but below are two of Hollywood Crush's personal favorites: "Welcome to the Rileys" and "The Runaways" star Kristen Stewart and "Howl" star James Franco. The booth allowed these two to show off their personality, so check out their full contribution to our virtual scrapbook by clicking on the image to browse through our ever-growing Sundance Photo Booth flipbook.

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If you caught our sneak peek clip last week of Ryan Gosling nearly jumping off a bridge in his and Michelle Williams' latest film "Blue Valentine," you know it's some heavy stuff. The film, which debuted Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival, finds Ryan and Michelle playing a young couple who try to salvage their failing marriage by stealing away to a theme hotel. Their love story is then replayed through multiple time periods. When MTV News caught up with the playful pair, however, it became obvious that not everything about "Blue Valentine" is as super serious as we had expected.

If you've ever wondered what Michelle's hidden talent is, apparently it is reciting all of the presidents' names, in order, by memory. When MTV's Josh Horowitz asked how it came about, costar Ryan joked, "She just did that. No one knew she was going to do that." After a little cajoling, Michelle agreed to sing the presidents for us. Click play on the clip below to above all 44 commanders-in-chief. And yes, Michelle, we do think this earns you a spot in Dead Man's Bones.

What do you think of Michelle's singing skills?

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Ben Affleck said it best when we spoke to the star a couple of days ago and Josh Horowitz asked him to sum up Sundance so far: "Weirdly, it's snow, movies and giveaway lounges … I don't know why that happened."

The Sundance swag suites are everywhere, and showcase a vast array of products. However, this aspect of Sundance is only reality to a select few, and most festival-goers are probably not even aware that Sundance is a mecca of free stuff for celebs. The festival is, after all, first and foremost about the films. Since access to these suites is restricted, we're here to give a taste of what else is happening in Park City besides movie screenings and premieres. Read More...

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By Cara Alwill

“New Moon” costars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have taken a bit of a detour from their vampire-inspired acting skills and brought it to a whole new level at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Though the duo shares an onscreen kiss in the rock-and-roll indie flick “The Runaways,” the two insist that it wasn’t much of a big deal, in their eyes.

MTV News caught up with the ladies in Park City to ask them about their roles in the film. "I don't think it was ever a big deal to me," explained Dakota, who plays Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie, adding that having Cherie and Joan Jett (Kristen) kiss in the film "was just a thing, another day" for the characters.


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