It's hard to believe it's been more than two years since Oscar- nominated actor Ryan Gosling last graced the silver screen in "Lars and the Real Girl."Thankfully, Ryan fans don't have to wait much longer as his latest film costarring Michelle Williams debuts this month at the Sundance Film Festival.

The romantic drama "Blue Valentine" tells the story of married couple Cindy (Michelle) and Dean (Ryan) who, in an attempt to save their marriage, steal away to a theme hotel, where they relive their entire love story from beginning to tumultuous present. In our exclusive clip below, Dean tries to get Cindy to reveal why she's upset while the two are out for a stroll across a New York City bridge. When Cindy won't divulge her feelings, Dean goes to extreme measures to elicit a response. It's heavy stuff, for sure, but with two Oscar nominees at the wheel, we know we're in good hands.

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Ever wonder what John Lennon was like before he was a member of the sensational 60s rock band The Beatles? The movie "Nowhere Boy," which premieres at Sundance, sets out to imagine just that — who was the boy who literally became The Man of popular music?

In our exclusive clip below, get a sneak peek at the early years of John Lennon (played by Aaron Johnson) by dropping in on one of his first-ever studio sessions with his band, The Quarrymen (yup — Beatles members Paul McCartney and George Harrison were also apart of that group). They're recording the track for their first song, "In Spite of All the Danger," and even though we know its a moment fictionalized for film, we can't help but feel like we're witnessing history in the making.

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"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..." Before the late Beatle John Lennon wrote those legendary lyrics, he was being raised by his aunt Mimi in Liverpool and acted out in ways most rebellious teens do: by skipping school and stealing. Eventually his defiance toward his aunt leads him back to his estranged mom, who pushes him to explore the world of music. Thus the "Nowhere Boy" is born.

Below is an exclusive image from the Sundance film (based on the book written by John Lennon's half sister Julia Baird, "Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon"), in which actor Aaron Johnson channels the future boy-band rockstar with Elvis-like hair, Clark Kent-like glasses and the kind of brooding attitude only real musicians can pull off.

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