By now, Stephenie Meyer fans everywhere have begun buzzing about "Twilight in Forks," the first-ever documentary about the “Twilight” phenomenon. I’m particularly excited about the movie because I visited the tiny little logging town not too long ago, and it was during that trip that I initially met the crew and heard about the project.

Now, as part of the first step in producer York Baur and director Jason Brown’s countdown to the film’s release, the duo have given us the “one sheet” for the flick. So, take a minute and check out the cool art after the jump that will grace the DVD and posters promoting “Twilight in Forks” when it hits stores (and Amazon) October 15th.

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By Emily Donahue

Although there have been no public statements yet, after KStew and RPattz' "cozy" Kings of Leon concert "date," it seems Kristen and longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano are definitely over. The two, who met in 2004 on the set of Sundance film "Speak," and later started dating, were spotted in Vancouver near the "New Moon" set in April, but since then it has been a summer of Bella and Edward. Kristen even joked to USA Today in April that she thought it would make the "Twilight" fans happy and her more popular if she dated Rob.

It looks like Mikey is getting cast aside like Jacob in this scenario, but don't feel too bad for Brooklyn boy yet. We doubt the 21-year-old indie star of movies like "Lords of Dogtown" (which, oddly enough, happened to be directed by Catherine Hardwicke and costarred Nikki Reed) and "Snow Angels" will be lonely for too long. He has a new movie, "Gentlemen Broncos" (don't miss the trailer for that comedy), opening at the end of October and he will be starring in Jason Reitman's "Ceremony." Until then, you can get your fill of Michael — and check out more photos of him and his maybe-ex — by clicking on the photo below. Just be sure to keep an eye on who Kristen shows up to the VMAs with this year! (That is, if she actually shows up. We can only hope!)

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BDH and Xavier, from LAINEY GOSSIP Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren't the only duo swapping spit on the set of the third "Twilight Saga" film "Eclipse." Newbie cold ones Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel were spotted heating up the Vancouver set last week with a steamy lip lock.

Bryce plays vengeful vampire Victoria who turns college student Riley (Xavier) into one of her bloodsucking minions in order to exact revenge on Bella for the death of her mate James. Dressed in head-to-toe black, Bryce seems to be working a much edgier style than Victoria predecessor Rachelle Lefevre, whose look in the first flick tended more towards the bohemian with her flamboyant fur coat and kitschy "Kiss Me I'm Irish" tee. The two apparently will share a similar hairstyle though, as Bryce dons a wig to mimic Rachelle's wild red curls.

To see more pictures of the steamy vampire kiss, check out Lainey Gossip.

What do you think of the pair's liplock and Bryce's Victoria style?

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Jackson Rathbone and Shannon Woodward With 13 weeks until "New Moon" hits theaters, Jackson Rathbone has plenty to keep him busy. Beyond work on "Eclipse" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Jackson is starring in and producing the 2010 film "Girlfriend." Hollywood Crush was lucky enough to speak with Shannon Woodward, who was just cast as the film's titular girlfriend. Shannon will be playing Candy, the former high school sweetheart of Jackson's character.

Below, check out our exclusive Q&A with the actress, 24, who you probably know best from last year's horror flick "The Haunting of Molly Hartley" and the 2007-08 F/X series "The Riches" (she played Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard's expert pick-pocketing daughter). Don't worry, we asked her the most important question: Is she ready to take on some of that "Twilight" fan base that already follows her costar? Keep reading to find out! Read More...

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New MoonSure, it’s great that writer/directors Paul and Chris Weitz invaded Hollywood together with the “American Pie” franchise, stuck together through films like “In Good Company” and “About a Boy,” and now find themselves as co-conspirators in their Depth of Field production company. But if you want to talk about the fringe benefits of a job, let’s forget about vision, dental and 401 K — and start with the fact that Paul has already seen “New Moon”!

Yep, that’s right — Chris is hard at work these days putting the finishing touches on one of fall’s most anticipated movies. And since the brothers are so close, Paul’s younger sibling has been bouncing ideas off him all along the way, and has already shown him the film! Read More...

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Not everyone can pull off the timeless beauty look in their high school yearbook photos (bleached, teased hair somehow doesn't stand the test of time), but "Twilight Saga" actress Ashley Greene is one of the blessed ones. Judging from the yearbook pictures MTV dug up, Ashley was the epitome of fresh-faced girl next door during her formative years at her Jacksonville, Florida high school, Samuel W. Wolfson. (Fun and/or very eerie fact: her school's mascot was none other than a wolf and the school's nickname is the wolfpack! Does that mean we should add her to Team Jacob? We're thinking yes!)

The long dark hair Ashley's sporting in her senior portrait (above) is certainly a change from Alice Cullen's pixie-ish 'do, and trendy Alice probably wouldn't have been caught (un)dead in the traditional drape and pearls Ashley's wearing. But as far as non-embarrassing yearbook photos go, these belong in the hall of fame! We should note, too that the quote under her senior year pic came from Avril Lavigne's song, "Who Knows": "Who knows what can happen - do what ya do, just keep on laughing-Find yourself- there's always a brand new day." That's so something we could hear Alice telling Bella. Read More...

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It's been the unofficial summer of Megan Fox for sure, but don't expect the starlet to disappear when the leaves begin to fall and sweaters reemerge from storage. Megan will be a constant on the publicity circuit into autumn as her Diablo Cody-penned horror flick "Jennifer's Body" hits theaters in September. One rumored stop is the stage of "Saturday Night Live," where according to Life & Style, Megan will host the 35th season premiere on September 26. Megan's rumored "SNL" gig got us thinking about which other hot young things we'd like Lorne Michaels to line up for the coming season. After the jump, check out the Hollywood Crush-approved wish list of the top five emcees we want to see take the show's stage.


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It is insane to believe, but with all the hype around the return of Stephenie Meyer's vamps this fall, the big screen adaptation of "New Moon," is aiming to be even huger than its predecessor "Twilight." MTV got a chance to sit down with new-to-the-series director Chris Weitz and ask him some questions about the new film.

Most important to the sequel is the incorporation of hottie Robert Pattinson, who has become a sex symbol for "Twilight" fans and integral to the obsession behind the series. In the novel, Rob's Edward is MIA until the end of the story, but Chris said finding the balance between too much Rob just for profits and too little Rob which would spark fan anger was one of the more difficult aspects of the adaptation. Read More...

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She played the blind girl in "The Village" (and was in "Lady in the Water" too, but who saw that?), but Bryce Dallas Howard didn't become infamous until Summit supplanted her into the role of Victoria in Eclipse, booting Rachelle Lefevre from the character she had played in the two previous "Twilight" films.

Summit claimed the replacement was because Rachelle was scheduled to film her new movie during the time she was supposed to be filming "Eclipse," so when news arose today that Bryce had signed on to produce an upcoming Gus van Sant film, it definitely raised our eyebrows. Read More...

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FROM MOVIES BLOG: If you followed the source link in our earlier post, on Catherine Hardwicke taking the reins for "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood," you may have noticed that the Variety article also pins the "Twilight" director to "21 Jump Street." That project, adapted from the '80s TV series about undercover cops operating as high school students, already has a script from Jonah Hill. No other announcements have been made however, so it is surprising to see such seemingly big news revealed in such an offhand way.

As it turns out, there was no reveal. Hardwicke's publicist told MTV that "it's too early" to say anything, and that Hardwicke "isn't attached" to the adaptation. While that certainly leaves the possibility open that she could sign on for the project, it might be tough with her plate being so full.

Continue reading about Catherine Hardwicke's (non) involvement in "21 Jump Street" at

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