For an event billed as a "summer soiree," celebs took a decidedly dark approach to their red carpet looks, opting for blacks and metallics over breezy, bright ensembles for InStyle magazine's West Hollywood party last night.

"Twilight" star Kellan Lutz took a break from the Vancouver set of "Eclipse" to attend the fete clad in a charcoal button-up and gun metal jeans, while his "New Moon" costar model Noot Seear channeled a bit of her vampiric alter ego in a low-cut, billowy black romper. Read More...

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Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart is a down-to-earth chick. She avoids the limelight, prefers to star in independent flicks and, as evidenced at the MTV Movie Awards, is kind of awkward. When most actors say the best part of being in a blockbuster hit like “Twilight” is the public recognition or fortune, Kristen said in a Q&A for the "Adventureland" DVD (out August 25) that it’s given her the opportunity to “do things that I really like, things like an independent movie nobody would normally see." Now, she laughs, "it’s like, ‘Oh let’s go see Bella in this stripper movie; it’ll be crazy!’”

She is of course referring to the film “Welcome to the Rileys,” which she costars in with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo as a troubled street kid who works at a strip club. And, while her role in the film has earned her some attention, the public’s attention is almost solely focused on the upcoming “New Moon.” Read More...

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JigsawCatherine Hardwicke(pictured with Robert Pattinson) left the "Twilight Saga" before its Quileute shape shifters took the stage, but it looks as though the indie director will get the chance to dance with wolves (or at least one big, bad one) after all. Catherine has signed on to helm "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood," Variety reports.

The film is described as a "gothic retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story, with a teenage love triangle at its center." Hmm, a teenage love triangle, you say? That sounds familiar. But how likely is it that we'll see a few familiar (read: "Twilight") faces in the fairy tale revamp? Pretty likely based on Catherine's track record of recasting stars. Read More...

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It's clear from theatrical-quality trailers, Photoshopped movie posters and prolific fan fiction that Twilighters are a creative bunch. And that creativity even extends to their wardrobe. We recently stopped by the Cafe Press site to take a look at the warehouse-size inventory of "New Moon" designs for tees and hoodies, and we were pretty impressed with the clever, fun merch we saw.

So, we've compiled a list of our top five faves to wear around town or to the movie's premiere come November 20 (yes, there is even a graphic with a calendar on it and that date is circled in red with the words "Sick Day." Just don't let your bosses or teachers see you wearing it!) Read More...

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Fans of Stephenie Meyer's second "Twilight" novel, "New Moon," are already familiar with the most delicious side effect of Jacob's shape-shifting nature — an insatiable appetite for food! In fact, in one scene, the young Quileute downs his very own large pizza, but it turns out that another baked good is really what satisfies a starving wolf. MTV News caught up with Wolf Packer Kiowa Gordon who told us about his favorite scene involving the tasty treat.

"I call it the muffin scene," Kiowa said. "We all gather around at Emily's house — it's Sam's, the big pack leader's fiancee — and we all just gather around and eat muffins and talk about stuff." Read More...

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Yesterday, we (and many other media outlets out there) re-reported a false story from the U.K.'s Mirror that claimed Robert Pattinson has recently told them he did not have a girlfriend. Well, as we later learned — and as many of you Twi-Hards already knew! — that the interview was totally "manufactured," according to reps for the "Twilight" heartthrob. We've since turned our attention to someone else we think knows a little bit more about the behind-the-scenes dirt on celeb romances: the self-proclaimed gossip queen, Perez Hilton.

"I think that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are definitely hooking up," Perez told MTV News. "I don't know if they're dating ... I think they're trying to play it loosey-goosey." He further goes on to say that while their so-called relationship might just be a "showmance," they have been getting "getting very friendly" in public. (Could he possibly be referring to the recent Edward and Bella sighting at a Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver?) "So, the fact that they're taking their relationship in public now," he continues, "seems to me like they're definitely on." Press play below for more dirt!

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Maybe I take my pop culture a bit too seriously, but last night I was watching a documentary on Roseanne Barr and as it listed all the vain, nonsensical, mean-spirited ways that she blew her early-90s power and money, and I couldn’t help but wonder: How much did I contribute to that behavior by watching her sitcom every week back in the day? Well, maybe we can all feel a little bit better about blowing our cash on something like “Twilight,” as evidenced by a story we ran recently on the cast's devotion to charity work.

And the hits just keep on coming! As we were putting that story to bed, I got a shout from “New Moon” star Chaske Spencer, who was hoping to bring some attention to his own recent efforts. Naturally, we’re happy to report that more good is going on out there courtesy Sam Uley — and it doesn’t even involve taking his shirt off. Read More...

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If Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were to pick any song to sing a duet on "American Idol" to, what would it be? Maybe a Joan Jett song in honor of her role as the famous singer in The Runaways? Or a Paramore tune since the band made the theme song to the first "Twilight" movie? Not exactly. The BFF "New Moon" stars told EW that it would be the much edgier and intense — as in Taylor Swift's ditty, "Love Story. "

In fact, not only do they love the song, but Taylor describes it to Kristen as "our song." (Hmmm ... maybe we weren't too far off in our speculation of a Kristen-Taylor affair? Only kidding!) Turns out even they can't get the addictive tune from country hottie out of their heads, as Kristen started singing some of "Love Song" to the camera before Taylor stopped her saying, "OK, lets not do that." Read More...

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Robert PattinsonEDITOR'S NOTE: Since publishing this story, Robert's reps have released the following statement: “Robert did not speak to the Mirror, and their claim that they spoke to him a few days ago is manufactured along with any information that they claim to have as an exclusive directly from him.”

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, or so we thought when we saw the shots of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson getting snuggly at a Kings of Leon concert recently in Vancouver. Yet with five simple words in an interview with UK magazine Mirror, he diffused everything that was implied: "I don't have a girlfriend."

In the interview, Rob went on to describe his off-screen persona (you know, the one that everyone seems to loathe to accept). He told the Mirror that five years ago he was in a state where he hated crowds, had panic attacks in supermarkets and wanted to be a politician. While that all sounds a little surprising, it's refreshing to see an actor still not take their heartthrob status — or Hollywood image — too seriously. Read More...

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We've been speculating for weeks now that "Twilight" newcomer Jodelle Ferland, cast as a newborn vampire in "Eclipse," would be playing the role of Victoria acolyte Bree. Even though the star said she was sworn to secrecy and couldn't reveal her character's name, the deed was done for her in a statement released just now by Summit Entertainment, which confirms the 14-year-old will indeed play the raven-haired vamp. The statement also detailed a few other new "Eclipse" castings:

-Julia Jones will play Leah Clearwater
Those long ago rumors that "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens would play the lone furry female among the Wolf Pack can now, finally, be put to rest with the casting of Julia Jones (pictured above, left). You may recognize the 28-year-old former model from a four-episode stint as Dr. Kaya Montoya on "ER" or as Cherokee Kisum in "Hell Ride." Read More...

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