Bridget JonesIf you want to wait 'til the release of Helen Fielding's next book, "Mad About the Boy," to find out just what's been happening with dear Bridget Jones since her last literary romantic entanglement, this is your dutiful warning to stop reading, shut your laptop and go fix yourself a sandwich or something. Because according to a spoilerrific scoop from Entertainment Weekly (via excerpts from the new book published in this week's Sunday Times Magazine), the perpetually single Englishwoman resumes her adventures as...



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vampire diariesby Cassie Title

You know, it's a really unfortunate thing that there are no yoga classes after 10 p.m. Because after all of the incredibly epic shenanigans that occurred on the season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" I could definitely have used one to calm down. Seriously, I just got too wired. There was screaming at the TV, gasping at the TV, imploring the TV to replay the scenes it just aired (which, considering my lack of DVR, was fairly silly). So, with no stress-relieving outlet, I decided to take pen to paper. And, I don’t mean writing this recap. (Although, as you can see, I've done so.) I mean this:

Dear Julie Plec,
Greetings! I hope things are swell. Really, I do. Now, I know that we've had our differences—you’ve never answered my vague letters to you on the internet (which is understandable, because you don’t know I exist), and you’ve created some character arcs I wasn’t too fond of but, at the end of the day, I am obsessed with your show and would really like to talk to you about it. I know you’re very important, but I occasionally see you interacting with us common folk on the Twitter, so here’s my handle: @CassieTitle. Get at me, girl! (Seriously, you rock my world.)




Gleeby Melissa Albert

It proves hard for "Glee" to justify a second Britney Spears tribute episode, especially one that relies so much on mash-ups. But we'll never argue with a Brittany S. Pierce episode, even though our repeated prayers to see Mr. Figgins performing "I’m a Slave 4 U" have once again gone unanswered.

The weak setup for this Spears ep isn’t dental drugs, but Brittany’s sad mood: Santana’s too busy at college to scissor-Skype, Sue’s unimpressed with the Cheerios' performance of Spears' "Hold it Against Me," and Brittany’s attempts at doing a voiceover continually fail.

Worst of all, she gets kicked out of the Cheerios, because you can only complete your homework in crayon for so long before someone notices you’re not fulfilling the academic requirements. Depressed, she trades in her cheer uniform for a "Grandma at the Mall of America" ensemble, inspiring “qualified” “counselor” Emma Pillsbury to step in. She and Schue decide that what Brittany needs is another Spears week.


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The Hollywood press cycle can be cruel. Just as Kristen Stewart's relationship indiscretions with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director were coming to light, Robert Pattinson was gearing up for a press tour to promote "Cosmopolis." How would he handle the attention, the interviews, the pressure -- everyone wanting to know how he was holding up?

Turns out, RPattz is holding up just fine -- and handled himself quite well during the tour. So this week's "Twilight" Tuesday is dedicated to the vampire heartthrob, some fan analysis of his public appearances, a few new tidbits about the end of the 'Twilight' era.

'We love the way he continues to strive to be himself with poise and professionalism and isn't afraid to let the world know that he is out there to be an actor,' said Erin Gross, co-owner/editor of 'The actor is proud of his projects, and we are proud of him.'

'I'd say that Robert Pattinson conducted himself with a lot of grace under fire with witty comments about breakfast cereal or changed the subject when things were too personal,' added Laura Byrne Cristiano, owner of 'He's still happy to talk about his films, and that's what we really want long-term.'


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