By Eileen Reslen

Taylor Swift's gal pal Selena Gomez better hold on tight to her mic at the 2010 VMAs because MTV has announced that she will be a presenter and Kanye West himself will perform at the awards show on September 12. (Hey, after last year's incident, Taylor went from a chart topping country singer to pop mega star. Perhaps some extra media coverage of Selena Gomez and the Scene couldn’t hurt, right?)

But while we can’t guarantee another Kanye vs. teen queen matchup, the show will definitely not fall short of some hilarity. it was also announced that "Easy A” actress Emma Stone will be a presenter, too, and we’re positive viewers will let out a couple big laughs when the starlet hits the stage.


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Lady GagaThe only people more excited than us about the 2010 VMA nominations were the nominees themselves (go figure!). No one was more stoked (and rightly so) than Lady Gaga, who garnered a record-breaking 13 nominations. Gaga tweeted, "13 VMA noms lilmonsters. Breakin records+breakin rüles. I love you, you Bad Kids are a part of me. PAWS UP! #VideoMonsterAwards." Justin Bieber, a fellow nominee, gave Gaga kudos for her accolades, as he posted, "thank you to @mtv im honored and congrats to all the nominees and to @ladygaga for her record breaking 13 noms. That's pretty pretty good."

Newcomer Ke$ha basked in the glory of three nominations, as she wrote from her page, "i dont even know what to say. im so grateful and thankful and stunned and excited." Meanwhile, returning nominee Katy Perry, was happy to be up for a Moon Man, but reminded followers she left with a whole different kind of parting gift last year, "Thanks @MTV for the noms, I've barely just started cranking em out! I luv the VMA's, u never know what u'll get from em! I got a hubby. LOL."

Check out the rest of today's best celebrity tweets, including season two "Glee" news Adam Shankman! Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!


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Remember last year when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift just as she was about to accept her trophy for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMAs?

Well, we have no idea what kind of drama will go down at this year's show, but Taylor is nominated for Best Female Video once again (for "Fifteen") against Beyonce (for "Video Phone," which also featured Lady Gaga). Other ladies up for the Moonman in the category are Gaga (for "Bad Romance"), Ke$ha (for "Tik Tok") and Katy Perry (for "California Gurls").


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In the days after a Hennessy-emboldened Kanye West lurched onto the VMA stage and sullied Taylor Swift's Best Female Video acceptance speech on Sunday night, the country star's peers have chimed in with their thoughts on the hip-hop star's mic-snatching move. Close pal Miley Cyrus called the incident "disrespectful," while "iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove labeled it "this insane thing."

On Wednesday, 20-year-old "The House Bunny" star Emma Stone spoke up and smacked 'Ye down. "Oh my god," she said when asked about the controversy. "Taylor's one of my really good friends. It's just ridiculous."

Speaking with MTV News while promoting her upcoming action-comedy, "Zombieland," Emma said she's chatted with her buddy since Sunday night and reported back that Taylor is "so awesome and so gracious and fine." Check out the video to see what Stone had to say and why she ended her thoughts with an exasperated, "Oh, Kanye!"

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By Lauren Joskowitz

In an interview with MTV News' Jim Cantiello, everyone’s favorite "mean girl," Kristin Cavallari, gushed about the 2009 VMAs taking place in New York City. "I went to the ones in Miami. I think it's better in New York," she said. "I grew up watching it in New York, so this is the real VMAs."

“The Hills” drama queen divulged more than just how awesome the VMA’s were. She also confessed that she is actually friends with everyone on the show ... except for Audrina Patridge. Of course, from the previews from the upcoming season, it looks like Kristin macks on Audrina's former beau, Justin Bobby, so perhaps that was the fire starter. So how does she feel about being portrayed as “The Hills” bitch and maneater? "I think it's funny," she laughed. "Honestly, I think it's fun to play the bad girl, and no one remembers the nice girl, you know?"

To find out more of Kristin’s opinions on the VMAs and this season’s “The Hills,” check out the video clip below.

We know how we feel about Kristin, but how do you feel? Do you believe she really is friends with everyone on “The Hills”?

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By Chelsea Devine

So Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may have failed to walk the red carpet at last night's VMAs, but that doesn't mean we were any less pumped to get the chance to get up close and personal with Taylor Lautner before the big show began. In light of the highly anticipated release of the exclusive extended “New Moon” trailer, you'd better believe we asked the werewolf to give us some teasers. Ladies, say it with us: shirtless Jacob and Edward.

Taylor modestly brushed off his “New Moon” exposure, explaining that fans “might start crying” in bad way during his shirtless scenes. As if anyone would shun his ab-awesomeness. Taylor went on to say that co-star RPattz has certainly given him a run for his money this time around. “[Rob's] getting some muscle. Some good competition… He’s got it covered.” We bet he does. In the video below, the real-life Jacob also discusses the third piece of vampire gold, “Eclipse," which as we all know, is currently filming up in Vancouver under the watchful eye of new director David Slade. From the sounds of it, Slade is going to deliver adoring fans another blockbuster champ.

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Oh, what a night! It would be impossible to talk about anything except last night's crazy/controversial VMA's. During last night's show, all the way into today, the celeb Twitterverse was buzzing about that Taylor/Kanye moment. Pink, who performed during last night's show, tweeted, "Kanye west is the biggest piece of sh** on earth. Quote me," while Jared Andrew had a similar sentiment, writing, "K now I can comment on the tswift vs. Kanye thing. Kanye needs to not be invited to any sort of awards' show. Ever. What a prick."

Of course, aside from the anti-Kanye twittering, there was much love for the evening's heroine's, Taylor and Beyonce. John Legend posted today, "OK, saw all the highlights on All caught up now. Beyonce is an angel. Good for her" and Elizabeth Banks told fans, "I actually teared up on behalf of that tall Taylor Swift. She's a kid living her dream! She looked like a beanstalk to Kanye's mushroom."

Check out what else celebs had to say about the Taylor/Kanye debacle and Beyonce's class act, as well as their thoughts on Pink's highwire act, Lady GaGa's costume changes, and Janet Jackson's tribute to her late brother Michael below. And don't forget to follow us everyday @hollywoodcrush! Read More...

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By now you've probably experienced the Video Music Awards' Pre-Show red carpet and the full VMAs show (and if you haven't, you can watch the full thing on demand), but we bet you're still dying to know: what the heck was going on in the areas of Radio City that were neglected by the cameras (ahem backstage and in the audience!). Well, your prayers have been answered!

Below, you'll notice a rare shot of the "Twilight" trio — Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson — taken either just before or right after they went on stage to introduce the extended "New Moon" trailer. Not that we need to explain why we're calling it "rare," but c'mon, how often is it that we get to see a shot of the three amigos where RPattz is actually touching KStew (instead of Kristen choosing to lean on and/or edge closer to Taylor)? See: rare.

Anyway, if you click the photo, you'll get to see all kinds of behind-the-scenes goodies from the VMAs, including Beyonce and lioness Lady Gaga posing together, Lauren Conrad reuniting with Whitney Port, a Gerard Butler sighting and more!

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The cast of "The Hills" — old and new — flew the L.A. coop for the weekend and headed to the East Coast to hit up the Video Music Awards. We're a little awestruck that Heidi Montag (a.k.a. Miss Wouldn't A Big Event Ever) didn't grace the awards with her presence, but we guess the alleged Audrina Patridge vs. Kristin Cavallari spat was enough to give us our "Hills" drama fix for the night. (Though Kristin told MTV on the red carpet that she "doesn't get along with Audrina," she refuted claims that the "Sorority Row" star didn't show up to the VMAs because of a feud between the two of them. Kristin said she had always been planning to present a Moonman alongside Nelly Furtado and not Audrina, as it had been rumored.)


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It was the rant heard 'round the world: Kanye West storming the MTV Video Music Awards stage to protest on behalf of Beyonce (who was nominated for her smash "Single Ladies") during country-pop star Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. You didn't have to be in the audience at Radio City Music Hall to see the distressed look on Taylor's face when she realized what was going on, but when we caught up with the 19-year-old after the bizarre incident, she was (not surprisingly) super poised.

"It has been a crazy night, hasn't it?" she told MTV News exclusively backstage after the show. "I was up there and I was standing there and I saw Kanye up on the stage. I was really excited... and I kind of wasn't excited anymore." Read More...

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