Holy girly dress and heels, Batman! We hardly recognized Kristen Stewart when she emerged on the stage (to introduce the awesome new "New Moon" trailer!) during the Video Music Awards in a somewhat sparkly Valentino tulle frock, pointy-toed stilletos and a very mod, pixie-like hairdo.

We might not have been so anxious to see how she and Robert Pattinson were going to look had the "Twilight" duo actually walked the red carpet like their fellow costar Taylor Lautner did, but apparently it was not in the cards. In fact, we originally thought they were supposed to be seated in the audience, but according to our sources over at MTV's Buzzworthy blog, "After the 'New Moon' trailer [aired], R.Pattz and crew [were] whisked backstage, photogs trailing a few steps behind. When Pattinson finally dodges them, he gets a few secs to chug a beer and watch Beyonce's performance, bobbing his head to the beat." So, friends, it shall remain a mystery on why Bella and Edward only showed their pretty little faces for a mere 10 seconds (or so it felt), but at least we got that much, right? Plus, now we know Rob likes "Single Ladies."

What did you think of Kristen's more "glam" look: hit or a miss? And what about Robert's?

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We love you MJ. We love you Beyonce and Lady Gaga. But the most exciting moment at the VMAs was the debut of a third “New Moon” trailer. For those of you who missed it, check out the full video and then follow our walk through of the entire trailer, with 70 (!) snap shots in total (click on any of the photos in this post to see all of 'em!). Happy Stephenie Meyer Day, indeed!

Above, we get a closer look at the man being punished by Aro (we look into who the mystery victim could be in our secrets of the "New Moon" trailer article!). Also in our flipbook, we see Jacob and Bella at the movie theater, Bella’s hallucinations of Edward and all those gorgeous Italy scenes.


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In honor of the handing out of Moonmen tonight at the Video Music Awards, Hollywood Crush has decided to come up with our own kind of superlatives. So keep reading on to find out everything from who was the best dressed guy of the night to who had the best date (hint: he's green, and we don't mean in an environmentally friendly way).

BEST DRESSED LADY: Taylor Swift shared on the red carpet she has a castle complex and loves fairy tales. Well, she certainly looked the role of a princess in her gorgeous silver and cream Kaufman Franco gown (and then also later in her red dress).

BEST DRESSED GUY: Maybe its the 30 pounds of muscle he put on to look the part of Jacob in "New Moon." Maybe it's just because he's so darn sexy (albeit still underage). Whatever it is, Taylor Lautner in his gray Calvin Klein suit with black shirt underneath was easily the best dressed and hottest guy on the red carpet tonight. We might've given Robert Pattinson the trophy in this category had he shown his face for more than 10 seconds.

BEST DEMONSTRATION OF CLASS: Beyonce, for forgoing her own thank you speech (she won Video Of The Year) and instead inviting a scorned Taylor Swift back on stage so she could re-accept her earlier award for Best Female Video. As you probably heard, Kanye West (quite rudely!) interrupted Taylor's acceptance of her Moonman. So props to you, Beyonce, for being a great role model! Read More...

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Crushes were in the air tonight at the VMAs preshow. Beyond the buzz about Lady Gaga's and Beyonce's nine nominations a piece and the excitement about the Michael Jackson tribute, there were some undertones of young Hollywood love abrewing.

Tonight's fashion correspondent Ashley Greene (a.k.a the Alice of "Twilight") asked her onscreen buddyTaylor Lautner who the person he was most excited to see was. After the typical, politically correct noncommittal answers, he finally burst out with, "Taylor Swift," with a half grin on his face. "We love Taylor Swift", Ashley declared. "Yes we do," Taylor replied, with that same smile on his face.

Click on the photo above to see more red carpet looks from the night and keep reading for more of our recap after the jump. Read More...

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We know, you can't hardly contain your excitement as you anxiously await the chance to be able to watch the exclusive, extended "New Moon" trailer that only just minutes ago aired during the Video Music Awards over and over again.

So take a nice deep breathe in and out (no, really, we don't want anyone passing out on top of their computer keyboards out of exhaustion after screaming "OME!" a multitude of times), and get ready to partake in the awesomeness that is the Volturi and Edward-filled teaser below.


Now that you've watched, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Twitter @hollywoodcrush. Mostly we're dying to know: Was that vision of Edward floating in the water just after Bella took her cliff dive creepy or inexplicably badass?

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Wearing black is a true sign you're closer and closer to becoming an official New Yorker, so there was no better time for "The City" star Whitney Port to flaunt the staple Manhattan color of choice than during the Video Music Awards' grand return to The Big Apple. "Harry Potter" cutie Emma Watson also sported a very similar organza Christopher Kane Fall 2009 design when she was in NYC promoting "Half Blood Prince" . We're not loving the booties with Whit's organza frock, but because she tends to be ahead of the trends, we'll give her a pass on this one.

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Not since the 1998 Video Music Awards has such a possible wardrobe malfunction occurred! As seen below, divas Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston both rocked the same brown dress during the show. Mariah's was just a tad shorter and more scandalous, but can't expect anything less.

Fast forward to 2009 — just over 10 years later — and singers Pink and Shakira have committed the same "sin": both are wearing the same Balmain leather dress (the only noticeable difference is the "She Wolf" singer wore knee-high black boots, while Pink chose black heels). Obviously sparkly, black and short is very appropos for the VMAs, so we're not going to knock these ladies for trying, but shouldn't their stylists maybe have been more aware?

Who do you think wore the black mini better: Shakira or Pink?

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The crowd was madly cheering "Taylor! Taylor!" at Radio City, and we totally know why. After all, how suave does the real-life Jacob look all cleaned up and in a suit? We're used to him in red-carpet get ups that are more casual, so it was a nice surprise to get a glimpse of him in Calvin Klein.

During his interview with costar (and Fashion Correspondent!) Ashley Greene, Taylor admitted that the performance he's most looking forward to seeing during the VMAs is that of a person who shares his first name's with and stars with in the gigantic ensemble "Valentine's Day": Taylor Swift. Oh, how much we would love to hear Taylor (Swift) pen a love song for Taylor (Lautner). It can be about werewolves and their fluctuating hearts. See, we can practically write it for her.

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Nate Archibald's transition from high school student to college co-ed has done wonders for Chace Crawford. We're not sure which designer he's draped his hot self in, but our red carpet source says "He's wearing a black suit, white button-down and no tie." Only real men can rock no ties.

Curiously, he didn't stop for fashion correspondent extraordinaire Ashley Greene. Remember back during the Teen Choice awards when they were caught flirting by our cameras and then later swapping spit? Maybe the newest rumers about him and model Bar Rafeli are in fact true? That's too bad, we liked the idea of a "Gossip Girl"/"New Moon" crossover!

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Like we said yesterday, the lyrics to the theme song for "Fame" are utterly infectious. Even we wanted to get up off our seat, jump on top of our desk and bust out with "Remember my name... FAME...!" after we watched the premiere of the music video just now. Of course, our officemates here who are currently working hard on the rest of VMA night might give us some odd looks, so instead of showing off some of (no doubt awesome) dance moves, we've decided to gift you with something even better: the full music video in all it's remixed glory.

Press play above to learn how to fly, and after the jump check out what a few of the movie's stars (including Naturi Naughton whose powerful vocals you heard throughout the song) had to say about the movie. Read More...

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