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Not to tear you away from your obsessive googling for news from the set of "Catching Fire," but fans of YA literature who are looking for their next big-screen obsession might want to pay attention to this latest intel from The Hollywood Reporter: a movie deal for the soon-to-be-released "Black City" series by author Elizabeth Richards. The first book in the fantasy franchise hasn't even hit stores yet, but Screen Gems has already snapped up film rights and is looking for a writer to work the adaptation.

"Black City" is one of this year's most anticipated books, offering up a new, exciting take on some well-traveled fantasy fiction territory, featuring a landscape torched by terrible wars between humans and...well, not humans. In this case, it's a Darkling race that lives over a high wall in a segregated city—and it's a half-Darkling boy who serves as the tormented, forbidden object of lust for the story's human heroine. Sexy! Spooky! SEXY! And however you'd rather get your first "Black City" fix, be it in print or on screen, it's definitely a title to watch.


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Drop everything, clear your calendar and take a comfy seat, members of the Literati: Five of the biggest YA titles of the fall are about to drop, and we've got the EXCLUSIVE trailer to tease them! And if you find yourself starting to gasp for air at all the bookish awesomeness in store—from mad science romance to Renaissance secrets to high fantasy royal intrigue—then hey, don't worry; there's a reason they're called "Breathless Reads"!

And that reason, is that whenever we watch this trailer, we hyperventilate into a paper bag until we pass out.

This trailer offers just a teensy peek at each of the five incredible titles coming this fall from Penguin, but even these scant glimpses at what's on the literary horizon are enough to get us panting—and with the release of these books staggered all the way through early December, you can count on keeping your reading calendar full all the way into 2013. Want to add them all to your shelf? Here's the rundown:


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