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Selena GomezSelena Gomez's "Fifty Shades of Grey" parody is here, Crushers! Yesterday the starlet tweeted a preview of the sketch showing her sitting on the couch thoroughly enraptured by Christian Grey and Ana Steele's sadomasochistic relationship, and now we know why!

"Fifty Shades of Blue" opens with Selena engrossed in E.L. James' story when her doorbell rings. When she answers it, we see the back of a guy who seems ruggedly promising—only for him to turn around looking less like Matthew McConaughey working on a ranch and more like the sweaty guy next door mowing his lawn. But in the mindset of "Fifty Shades," Selena's cheeks begin to flush (a classic Ana move) as Carl Blue the painter (played by Nick Kroll) stares deep into her eyes.

Watch the video after the jump, and find out how Selena and Carl's relationship blossoms.


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We're used to seeing Taylor Lautner play our favorite buff werewolf in "The Twilight Saga," ripping apart evil vampires and snarling at Edward. Even his role as lead actor in "Abduction" found him knocking out the bad guys with a few roundhouse kicks. But it looks like Taylor is ready to try his hand at comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor is set to make an appearance in Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups 2." He'll play a key "fun" role where he takes on Adam's character. Details are still being finalized, but skeptics who doubt the star's ability to make an audience laugh needn't worry. Taylor's proved himself before and we've gathered three reasons why the actor will make a successful transition into comedy.


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Ryan GoslingWe could spend the better part of a day listing all the ways in which we're green with envy over actress Eva Mendes, but first and foremost would be her new romance with our boyfriend Ryan Gosling. And as we nurse our broken heart, here she is pouring salt in the wound by playing the hottie's wife in a new Funny or Die video. Ouch.

The clip, titled "Drunk History Christmas," features an inebriated man reciting the classic tale "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," as Eva, Ryan and Jim Carrey (he of the rosy cheeks and a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly) act out the parts.

Of course, we would watch Ryan watch paint dry, but it's especially nice seeing him in a small part that highlights his comedic chops (especially at this festive time of year). Also, who knew those old-timey sleeping caps could look so...hot?

Check out "Drunk History Christmas" after the jump! (NSFW language, BTW)


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If you've been salivating over the moody, mysterious, rapid-cut preview for "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"...well, maybe you shouldn't watch this! Because the folks at Funny or Die have made their own version of this fascinating video—and made sure that we'll never again enjoy the trailer for the first Hollywood installment of Lisbeth Salander's story without also, involuntarily thinking of the words "Jager s---s". THANKS A LOT, GUYS.

(This probably goes without saying, but the clip has some salty language...)

"The Girl With the Tramp Stamp Tattoo" is like a nightmare version of the much-anticipated feature film, complete with a pink scooter, projectile vomit and—yes—a giant butterfly tattoo in That Particular Spot on the back of Emma Roberts. Who seriously sells it, by the way; her performance as "Lisbeth" is so brilliantly trashy that it'll pretty much ruin any goose-pimply anticipation you might've had for the real-deal thriller. But hey, it's funny! Sort of! And we're seriously digging the bespectacled look on Joe Manganiello.


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Ryan GoslingBetter late than never, internet.

In the Biggest Case Of The Duhs ever, Funny or Die has declared Ryan Gosling "just nice to look at" in their latest spoofy effort. (It probably goes without saying that we agree times 1 bajillion...)

In this new clip from the comedy website, Mr. Gosling stars in a trailer for "Quiet Ryan," a cinematic masterpiece rated M for Mute. In reality, the video is a mash-up of Ryan's best non-speaking moments from films like "The Notebook," "Blue Valentine" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love." And if the shirtless clip from that latter movie is any indication, sometimes silence really is golden.

Watch the full trailer after the jump!


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Today in Things That Amuse Us: The all-new, exciting, action-packed "Funny or Die" trailer for "Field of Dreams 2: NFL Lockout"—featuring a dozen of our favorite NFL stars, that guy from the Allstate commercials and (WELL, HELLO THERE) Taylor Lautner! A spoof on the original film starring Kevin Costner, the video features Taylor as a simple Iowa farmer who builds a gridiron on his property at the behest of a mysterious, whispering Voice In The Corn... and is rewarded with the appearance of large, beefy celebrity athletes who want to play football on it.

And camp out in his living room.

And repeatedly knock him down for no reason, all the time!

We get such a kick out of seeing our favorite shirtless werewolf flexing his funny in projects like this... although obviously, this video gives rise to certain questions. Like, y'know, why is this not a real movie? And how amazing is Dennis Haysbert's James Earl Jones impression? And who knew that Taylor could be so entertaining with his shirt on?! ...Not that we want him to make a habit of it or anything. (And Taylor, if you're reading this, please stay as naked as possible at all times. Thanks in advance.)

Do you love seeing Taylor's funny side? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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On "Glee," actress Jane Lynch has made slinging stinging one-liners at her co-star Matthew Morrison something of an art form. And while her Sue Sylvester can sometimes go one too far with her singing, curly-haired nemesis, Mr. Schuester, in this brand new Funny Or Die clip, we're 100 percent on Team Jane.

What starts innocently enough as an eco-friendly carpool to work in Matthew's VW bug (complete with flower!) soon turns into a steel cage of awkward when the Broadway-trained actor begins singing along to songs on the radio. And not just singing, but over singing. Thus, breaking one of the cardinal rules of having someone else in the car with you.


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When it was announced a few weeks ago that actor James Franco and actress Anne Hathaway would be hosting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards together, some people were left wondering, "Huh?!" But after some careful consideration about the young and celebrated stars (those very clever Oscar promo ads and that NSFW "Funny Or Die" clip with Judd Apatow probably helped too) it seems the consensus has changed from confused to excited.

Since you can count Hollywood Crush amongst those stoked to see how James (who will be serving double duty on Sunday as co-emcee and a Best Actor nominee for his amazing performance in "127 Hours") and Anne (who earned a Golden Globe nomination for her work in 2010's sexy dramedy "Love and Other Drugs") tackle the prestigious gig, we wanted to give any lingering naysayers five reasons why this unconventional pairing will make for a memorable Oscars.


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If you were to take a job at a pizza joint as delivery person, we know the number one person you would want to train you is Sam Trammell. No, seriously. If his southern drawl on "True Blood" hasn't already won you over, maybe his comedic chops will be enough to convince you. Funny or Die has a brand new video showing a side of Sam we'll never see in Merlotte's, as — you guessed it — a pizza delivery guru in a training video.

Or is he a cowboy? Or Bear Grylls? (You'll see what we mean when you get to the Gatorade bottle part). Or is he just a combination of the best (Merlotte's) and worst (this pizza place) boss ever? We'll let you be the judge of that, so sound off your thoughts in the comment section below and on Twitter. Do you vote "funny," or do you vote "die"?

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By George Loomis

We know Kate Bosworth as the babe from the newest “Superman” flicks who’s dating a “True Blood” vampire. But as a self-proclaimed idiot? Few saw her in that light until just this week.

Joined by “Avatar” actress Zoe Saldana, Kate stretches her comedic chops to the max in “Idiots,” a new Funny or Die video that began circulating Wednesday.


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