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It's old news that, for some crazy reason, the cast and crew of "Twilight" originally didn't realize that the film would be a hit. Two sequels and over $1.1 billion worldwide later (with more sure to come with the release of "Eclipse"), it seems like the cast is still trying to maintain a back-up plan if acting doesn't work out: music.

This week, we got word that newcomer BooBoo Stewart released a new single called "Rainy Day" on iTunes, and it got us thinking about all the other musically inclined stars of the film. They far outnumber the rest of the cast, it seems.

Oh, and if you're wondering about that picture of Taylor Lautner to the right, we'll get to that in a moment!


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With only a few short weeks until "Eclipse" hits theaters, fans are certainly salivating for every detail about what they can expect to see in the film when it opens on June 30. And, Jackson Rathbone admits that in this flick, the third in the "Saga," he cannot wait for the flick's fans to finally get to know Jasper a little better.

"I'm really excited for the 'Twilight' fandom to check out 'Eclipse' because we get to delve into Jasper's back story," he told MTV News while out in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie Awards. "It's one thing that I was really excited about since first filming 'Twilight.'"


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SummitAs if we weren't already pumped enough for ""Eclipse,"The Insider got their hands on an exclusive clip from the film that is completely and totally brand-spankin' new. RPattz introduces it by setting up the Edward/Jacob tension which made "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" cultural normalcies.

"Bella had been getting closer to Jacob in ''New Moon,' and now they have a very strong bond," Robert says. "Edward's still relatively resentful of that and becomes openly resentful throughout 'Eclipse,' but eventually he's called upon to have to accept his help and the rest of the wolf pack's help to have to defeat Victoria's army of newborns."


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Just as the excitement over the exclusive "Eclipse" clip released at the MTV Movie Awards starts to settle down, Summit hands us yet another gift to make our hearts race once again.

Twenty new stills emerged late last night on the web and while some are just meant to be fun to look at, others provided us with our first look at previously unseen characters and moments. We were psyched to see director David Slade on set with Kristen Stewart, Bella's human high school pals and the wolfpack hanging out in jean shorts and no shirts at Billy Black's casa, but the shots that made us a bit more giddy were the closeups of the couples in the Cullen clan looking all serious (or, in Jasper and Alice's cases, looking sweet!) and concerned. We love a good badass family ready to pounce.


Which new photos are your favorites? Which characters do you still want to see more of?

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By Cara Alwill

Love was certainly in the air last night at the MTV Movie Awards, and the kisses were a plenty. Not only was the “kiss cam” capturing smooches all throughout the audience, our favorite celebs were heating up the stage with impromptu displays of affection all night long.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart locked lips, and it was, without a doubt, a bit more awkward than their on-screen love fest. But the show-stopping smooch of the night came from two unsuspecting ladies: Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson. So, who can swamp spit better? The cast of “New Moon” weighed in after the show!


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This year, the guys at the MTV Movie Awards nearly showed up the girls. Sure, there were a few things we didn't love, like um Miami Vice-ish jackets (ahem Jackson Rathbone!), but overall, we thought the guys did a pretty great job. Check out our men's fashion recap to find out who impressed us, and who still has a ways to go.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner may be fighting it out for the same girl on-screen, but when it comes to their red carpet style, there's no competition. Taylor wins this one hands down. Taylor's signature cleaned up look impressed us yet again last night, while RPattz' undersized jacket and brown khakis left a lot to be desired. We will give Robert points for the trimmed down haircut though!


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We learned last month from Nikki Reed that one of the scariest moments on the "Eclipse" set was when Jackson Rathbone got punched. The third movie is the most action-packed of all the "Twilight Saga" films, and fortunately, Jackson was the only cast member to be hurt in any sort of serious way.

He and Kellan Lutz were practicing a scene in the film in which Jasper is teaching Emmett how to battle newborn vampires, and an accidental punch from Kellan caught Jackson in the temple and ended up with him being sent to the hospital. "Kellan and I were going over our moves — we hadn't had any time to rehearse — and we were out in mud, so it was really slick and everything," Jackson recalled to MTV News. "He punched too low, and I didn't duck low enough. He caught me right in the temple, kind of knocked me for a loop. I didn't fall, but I was kind of out of it for the next couple takes."


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Saturday Night MagazineBy Sandrine Milet

As the premiere of "Eclipse" approaches, more of our favorites from "Twilight" are poppoing up on the newsstand! Saturday Night’s June issue puts a spotlight on Nikki Reed, as she poses for its cover in a beautiful pink sequin dress. Nikki, who tells Saturday Night that she liked to express her feelings as a child, sure knows how to express her beauty, as she plays the mesmerizing Rosalie Cullen.

Nikki opened up about playing the beautiful vampire and how difficult it can be to live up to other’s expectations of beauty. “It opened up all these questions about what beauty is. It really stressed me out for a long time. It made me more aware of my insecurity." Through the process she’s learned to accept her flaws and has realized that “we’re all beautiful in a different way."


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OK, we'll concede, we jumped the gun a bit last week when we talked about recasting Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz. But no need to fear, because we've got the official word from Summit today that Ashley, Kellan and the rest of the Cullen gang are all going to come back for "Breaking Dawn."

However, the press release does not state whether the cast has been signed on for one or two films, or confirm whether the novel will be split. That was the basis of the rumors that Ashley and Kellan would leave, with sites claiming the two young stars were vying for $1.5 million to $4 million a piece for the second installment.


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With all the "Eclipse" insanity that has gone on this week, it's crazy to think that the film's release is still a little under two months away! Today we have just the latest in a batch of stills that have hit recently.

The first is of the Cullen men, seemingly preparing for the oncoming threat of Victoria. We know this isn't the same scene as the one where the Cullens first tell Bella about what's going on in Seattle because the clothing doesn't match, but we're going to assume it takes place later on in the film.


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