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Ooooh, Janina Gavankar, you know what we like. The "True Blood" actress took a break from her Luna duties today just to tease fans on Twitter—with a winky little note that the show was back in business, with cast members doing an initial read on the first episode of season six. And now, of course, we're all dying to hear more (and crying a little at how very, very long it'll be before our favorite fanged folks are back on the tube. Waiting! Sucks!) But in the meantime, we can add Janina's tweet to the list of Things We Know About "True Blood"'s Sixth Season. What list? THIS LIST. Here's what we know so far about what's in store.


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These teeny-tiny behind-the-scenes "True Blood" teasers keep dribbling in, and while the wait for season five's premiere continues, as always, to suck, at least this sneak peek offers some more info than its reticent little cousins. For instance: Sam and Luna are still together! And it looks like somebody is dead! No, wait: two somebodies! Ladies and gentlemen, we have dead people! OOOOOOOH.

In this clip, our favorite shifter couple sits on the couch—in the aftermath of a tragic discovery, apparently, as Luna cries and professes stunned confusion as to how anyone could have hurt...well, whoever. (But still! Dead people!) Sam, always a good dude, asks how he can comfort her...but before any comforting can take place, or any additional info can be leaked out to the slavering audience, there is a NOISE.


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Unfortunately for all of us "True Blood" fans, we still have quite a wait for the premiere of season five. And while the waiting does indeed suck, MTV News was lucky enough to attend HBO's fancy Golden Globes party on Sunday where we encountered not one but four excellent cast members—Ryan Kwanten, Janina Gavankar, Carrie Preston and Joe Manganiello—who gave us a little preview of what's in store for their characters.

"Jason is hanging onto every shred of humanity as it is, and he was lucky to survive last season. He was on the brink of death several times," Ryan said of Jason Stackhouse's failed werepanther transformation. "This season he's finally becoming a man, I think. He's got responsibility in his life. He's in a position of authority too because Andy is not doing too well with being a sheriff."


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When we last saw Eric Northman, he'd just drained Claudine like a human juicebox, despite Sookie's horrified protestations. And now, here's a new wrinkle on meek, amnesiac season four Eric: happy-go-lucky drunk Eric! Turns out that faerie blood has a powerful intoxicating effect, and Mr. Northman is stumbling around like a Real Housewife after one too many lunchtime highballs. Sookie stalks away toward the house. Eric follows her and...pinches her butt.

Butt-pinching! It ain't biting, but it'll do.

And then, because Drunk Amnesiac Eric is a very naughty boy indeed, he flips Sook a wave and bolts for whereabouts unknown.

Several hours later, Sookie is still looking for him—in broad daylight, which Eric is happily running around in thanks to the sun-deflecting effects of his Claudine cocktail. And since a search like this calls for someone with a good nose, she's called Alcide back to help. He strips down and shifts (and HOLYOMG, did we almost just see Alcide's were-wang?!), and off they go to the forest, where they discover Eric frolicking in a pond.

Yes, frolicking.


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Poor Jason Stackhouse. First Crystal dumped him, going off to have kittens with her cousin and leaving Jason with the responsibility for a whole junkyard full of stray werepanthers. Then, last episode, his good-Samaritan caretaking was repaid with betrayal: walloped on the head and imprisoned in an icebox. And now? He comes to, tied to a bed, being copiously licked by one of his teenage were-wards.

"You've got a real nasty gash here," Timbo explains. Euuuuugh. Werepanther medical practice leaves a lot to be desired.

Jason almost convinces Timbo to set him free, only to be burst in upon by... whoa! It's Phil! Crystal is nowhere in sight, and there's a typical manly exchange of bravado—"F--- you!" "F--- me?!" "YEAH!"—until a shotgun next to Jason's face puts an end to the conversation. COULD THIS BE THE END OF JASON STACKHOUSE?!

Well, we'll get back to that.


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Quick! Someone better change the population sign in Bon Temps, Louisiana, because a whole slew of supernatural citizens are moving in! With the "True Blood" season four premiere just three (blessed!) days away, what better time to meet the new vampires, witches and shapeshifters moving into town? We caught up with the cast at this week's premiere event in L.A. and asked them to give a primer—a Character 101, if you will—on their juicy roles.

First up is Aaron Perilo who plays bloodsucker Blackburn. "I am a vampire, if you can see the pale skin," he joked, motioning to his face. "I'm pretty old, so I'm very fast. I kind of have an attitude. I don't know if it's a talent, but I guess I have kind of a bloodthirsty attitude where I like to get in trouble."


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Waiting sucks a little less thanks to the just-released trailer for "True Blood"'s witchy fourth season (premiering June 26). The 30-second spot is light on pivotal plot points, but I'm cool with that because there's plenty of Eric Northman. (My Twitter bio doesn't read "future wife of Alexander Skarsgård," for nothin'.) But I know not everyone is as obsessed with the strapping viking as I am, so here's my list of four noteworthy things from the trailer (with only one paltry Eric shout-out).

1. A little bit of self-referential humor featuring...Alexander Skarsgård
This exchange:

Sookie (covering her otherwise naked body with some sort of makeshift garment): "Is this another dream?"

Eric (looking her up and down): "This is not a dream."

Yes, it is a dream. My dream! It's about darn time these two hook-up for realsies.


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Bon Temps is getting a whole lot weirder when season four of "True Blood" rolls around. In addition to the arrivals of actresses Fiona Shaw and Courtney Ford, three other actresses are joining the HBO vampire show's ranks in some truly interesting roles.

Deadline reports that Janina Gavankar has joined the fourth season of "True Blood" as a series regular, while actresses Alexandra Breckenridge and Vedette Lim are saddling up in recurring roles. Additionally, "True Blood" veteran Jessica Tuck has been promoted to a full-time series regular when season four begins.


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If you've been catching the commercials on ABC for a new series that looks like it could be "Desperate Housewives" but sounds like it could be "Vampire Diaries," then you're well aware "The Gates" are about to open upon us.

We'll be the first to admit, the show, which premieres this Sunday (June 20 at 10p.m. ET/9p.m. central) has a bit of a confusing premise — is it 100 percent about supernatural creatures? What town is this supposed to take place? Why do I need another show in my life about bloodsuckers? Well, lucky for you, we recently brought in one of the stars, Janina Gavankar, to the MTV newsroom so we could get some legit answers to our questions.


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