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Last night's Oscar ceremony was a veritable parade of wild style, with all the celebs on the scene dressed to the glamorous nines in their finest finery. Custom couture, voluminous gowns, and daring down-to-there necklines or up-to-here slits were all on display—along with the inevitable handful of fashion faux pas that everyone looooves to hate. But with so many dressed-up stars to dress down with a little insightful criticism, it's hard to know where to start... unless you watch this smart little clip in which MTV News' Christina Garibaldi and MTV Style's Mary H.K. Choi do the hard work of dissecting the most talked-about looks from the Academy Awards. Where do the ladies come down on last night's most controversial wardrobe choices?

For one, Jennifer Lawrence's blush-pink Dior dress gets a big thumbs up from our critics (and a big raspberry to everyone who made jokes about couture made out of curtains). And Jessica Chastain, whose dress selection has been hit-or-miss this awards season, pulled out all the stops last night with a nude strapless gown and luscious red lipstick that landed her on everyone's best-dressed list—including ours.


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FROM MTV NEWS: Will the Oscars pay tribute to "Silver Linings Playbook" actress Jennifer Lawrence? Or will "Zero Dark Thirty" star Jessica Chastain fire up the Best Actress category? That's what we're here to discuss as Sunday's ceremony inches ever nearer.

The Best Actress field is a deep one, to be sure, with Emmanuelle Riva ("Amour"), Quvenzhane Wallis ("Beasts of the Southern Wild") and Naomi Watts ("Impossible") rounding out the list of nominees. But as the Oscar experts MTV News gathered contend, it'll boil down to Jennifer vs. Jessica.


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Nothing makes us sadder come Style Superstar time than an awards season repeat offender: a fashionista failure who just can't seem to get it right no matter how many gowns she tries on or red carpets she walks. But on the other hand, nothing makes us happier than taking a previous worst-dressed pick and handing her all of the awards for a total style turnaround! And this week, we're so psyched to bestow the best-dressed and most-improved honors on Jessica Chastain for her SAG Awards superiority.

Yes! Yay! This is exactly what we were hoping for: Jessica's sizzling Alexander McQueen dress has all but erased the memory of her ill-fitting look from the Golden Globes. The actress proved that redheads and scarlet gowns need not avoid each other, wowing everyone in a form-fitting strapless satin gown and a blazing diamond necklace. Sure, there were a fair few "Jessica Rabbit" references on the part of certain snarky fashion critics, but they're just jealous, no doubt—and we're thrilled to see Jessica back on top of her style game.


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There was no shortage of great looks to choose from for our fashion feature this week! Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony brought out all the brightest stars, who looked stunning in their best and most beautiful dresses...well, more or less. Whose risk-taking look reaped Style Superstar rewards? And which award-winner didn't take home any trophies for her wardrobe selection?

Our favorite fashionista this week: Michelle Dockery! Her white-and-gold Alexandre Vauthier gown is one that we would have probably hated on anyone else—and few other actresses would have been brave enough to tangle with it. But the challenging lace bodice, with its high neck and short sleeves, was pure elegance on the statuesque Michelle. And with dewy makeup and a perfectly tousled faux-bob, she looked just as at home among Hollywood's finest as she does in the Downton drawing room.


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In the latest installment of "The Yes/No Show," MTV News' Josh Horowitz asks "Lawless" stars Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Chastain the hard-hitting questions. The questions you always wanted answered. Questions like, "Did Shia cut off Jessica's three-legged dog's leg?" or "Is chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream proof that God exists?" You'll be thanking us after you watch.

Despite the many mysteries unraveled during this two-and-a-half-minute-long segment, the biggest surprise for us was just how game Shia was to play along. We'll blame the scruffy beard-meets-ponytail look for having us worried.


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It's time for the best part of the post-Oscars digest: the moment where we put on our fashion critic's hat and give the old up-and-down to all the amazing ensembles on display at last night's ceremony. And with the help of our two red-carpet representatives, MTV News' Christina Garibaldi and VH1 News' Janell Snowden, it wasn't too hard to pick out the ladies who were our Fashion Favorites!

First up, the winners: Rooney Mara was on everyone's best-dressed list—including ours—for her white Givenchy gown and classic makeup, along with Jessica Chastain, whose elaborate Alexander McQueen dress with its ornate golden patterning was complemented by roughly a bajillion dollars worth of Harry Winston diamond jewelry. And when it came to the night's more colorful characters, Viola Davis was a stunner in emerald green Vera Wang.


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Vanity FairVanity Fair's 2012 Hollywood issue is here, and there's just one word to sum it up: HOLYOMGLAMOUR. (Okay, so that's not technically a word. But an occasion like this needs a wholly original portmanteau, mmmkay?) The cover features a full dozen of our favorite young leading ladies, who look like they're in attendance at a deco-themed slumber party we'd kill for an invitation to—all 12 of them channeling 1930s boudoir bombshells in Old Hollywood pincurls, deep red lipstick and silk charmeuse gowns.

But the cover isn't just eye candy; it's a veritable buffet of the poised and prolific actresses who we'll be seeing in the movies and on the awards circuit for the next decade or so. We've got...


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