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John Stamosby Jessica Marshall

While this week started out on a sad note, a bit of news has just surfaced that has filled our hearts with unbridled joy. Jesse and the Rippers of "Full House" fame are reuniting on TV this Friday, playing "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (per People).

All together now: Have mercy!

Last month, my heart skipped a beat when my childhood crush, the fictional Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, started up a Twitter account and announced that his rockin’ band, Jesse and the Rippers, were back together and touring. I hadn’t heard them in FOREVER.


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Jennifer Lawrence, having been officially declared the most desirable woman in the world by a million-bajillion dudes, has clearly moved on to a new goal: making the world's population of ladies want so very badly to be her BFF. How else to explain her hilarious, candid, self-deprecating moment during last night's appearance on "Conan," where the actress confessed to having awkwardly followed around 1990s sitcom hunk John Stamos in order to admire his shapely posterior?

"He was at a party and I turned into—I was a perverted guy," she said. "I was, like, following him into rooms and staring at his ass."

Oh, JLaw. WE COULD NOT LOVE YOU MORE. But it doesn't even end there; lately, it seems like the star is on a mission to flood the media with absurdly quotable lines that illustrate in no uncertain terms her immense, unending capacity for outrageous sass. And if you happened to miss out on the latest batch, don't sweat it; we've picked our top five favorites and put them on a lovely list: The Five Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes In Recent Memory. (Because "of all time" would have us here all day.)


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May the fourth be with you! Get it? May the 4th. Thanks to this fun little pun, today is "Star Wars" day, and some of our favorite stars embraced their inner geek (virtually, at least) to tweet in celebration of the occasion. "New Moon" actor Chaske Spencer (pictured) tweeted a favorite quote from the original trilogy, "Its Star Wars status day, right? Ok so here's mine; Leia "I love you!" Han Solo "I know" - Empire Strikes Back." Liz Lee, whose Twitter background screams "'Star Wars' fan!" tweeted some all-caps-worthy excitement. "#MAYTHEFOURTHBEWITHYOU HAPPY #STARWARS day 'errbody!!!"

In (slightly) more down-to-earth news, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon announced the names of their twins today: Moroccan and Monroe. The proud parents took to Twitter to share the news. Mariah tweeted the news with the #dembabies hashtag, saying, "Mariah & Nick reveal the names of #dembabies Monroe Cannon & Moroccan Scott Cannon! Read more @ http://mariahcarey.com/news/32701." Nick was a little more subtle, hinting at possible nicknames for the twins with his, "ROC & ROE! LET'S GO!" tweet.

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If you couldn't tell from the parental discretion warning before the start of the episode (a first!), tonight's "Glee" was prepared to (safely) push boundaries. Following last week's relatively consequence-free Alcohol Awareness hour, these sexed up storylines were a welcomed addition to the season, as they uncovered some shocking truths and truly heartbreaking moments that should carry us through Regionals and beyond.

Because McKinley's health and wellness teacher came down with a mad case of the herp, Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) rode in on her leather-clad white horse to save the day and some severely clueless McKinley students. (Finally Finn's lingering ignorance from last year's hot tub incident is addressed! Brittany S. Pierce believes in The Stork? Well, sure, of course she does.) Along with HH came the return of controversial musical numbers and uncomfortable subject matter, most of which McKinley's adult staff are reluctant to discuss. But wouldn't you have enjoyed hearing Sue's take on sex ed? Or perhaps her regaling the Cheerios with tales of her former lovers? On second thought...


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It's good to be back, Gleeks! After taking a Thanksgiving hiatus, I have returned to find that "Glee" is back in top form. In fact, last night's episode called "Special Education," felt very reminiscent of the magic the first season provided. Of course, things definitely aren't the same with the students and staff of McKinley as they were a year ago, so let’s dive in.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for a season finale to see New Directions get to sectionals. But before the club faced off against rival groups The Warblers and The Hip-sters, there were shake-ups and scandals to deal with. Under the guidance of Emma, Will opts to make some changes for New Directions in the competition. Instead of having Rachel, Finn and Mercedes take center stage as per usual, he conjures up the idea of having Mike and Brittany show off their dancing skills (always a good idea), as well as having Santana, Quinn and Sam sing their hearts out (but, more on that later.)


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Cory MonteithAh, those lips. Those iconic lips from the opening frame of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and the classic poster. The lips that sing "Science Fiction/Double Feature" have made their way to "Glee" for the long-awaited "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" episode. For fans of "RHPS" it was a delight to see the opening of the cult classic done right (they even got the credits down pat), but unfortunately, the episode, much like Brad and Janet, got rather lost along the way.

Perhaps expectations were too high for the episode (much like the Britney episode was for a lot of fans), or it simply came down to that rare "Glee" misstep. And it seems like, once again, we have Mr. Schuester to blame. Still smitten with Emma, Will decides to put on a production of the classic but raunchy, "Rocky Horror Picture Show" when he discovers she (and her adorable new beau Dr. Carl) love the movie and have attended midnight screenings together.

And here's where things get really mucky. Rather than the focus of the ep be on "Rocky Horror" we're thrown into the Will-Emma-Carl love triangle, as well as two side stories that never really take off (Finn is uncomfortable with his body, Sue is desperate to win a local daytime Emmy.) After various casting shake-ups (which we'll talk more about later) with the students and staff, Will ultimately decides to draw the curtain on the "RHPS" for too many reasons. Was it because the show was too inappropriate for school? Because it didn't win Emma back after all? Or because he wanted the show to be just for the outsiders and not the entire school? It all felt a bit disjointed in the end.


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Last night's Britney Spears episode of "Glee" became an instant classic amongst fans, but there was one person who may have enjoyed it a little more than anyone else. Ms. Spears herself (who appeared in a few dream sequences) gleeked out on her Twitter after watching the "Britney/Brittany" ep. She had nothing but love for the other Brit, played by Heather Morris, posting, "Awww Heather Morris is sooo cute! Brittany S Pearce. Ha! She was so fun to work with and was really sweet in person." Britney (pictured here with Heather and "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy) also gave props to Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Kevin McHale, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer, and fellow guest star John Stamos before giving her final review of the show, "I loved it! Thank you guys SO much for making this happen."

But, Brit wasn't the only one with ties to last night's episode. Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams was blown away by Lea's teary take on her tune "The Only Exception." Hayley tweeted, "Holy exception!!! Dear everyone on Glee - you rocked the our song! @msleamichele your voice was sick!! I love your version more haha!" Hayley later informed followers, "Glee's version of "The Only Exception" is #4 on iTunes!! Dayuuuum! Thank you guys for being just as stoked as we are :)"

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For years we thought we only had room in our hearts for one Britney Spears. How wrong we were. After last night's epic "Glee" episode (called "Britney/Brittany"), we are officially just as obsessed with Brittany S. Pierce (played by the comedic gem that is Heather Morris.) In fact, Brittany's, er, musings were so good they're getting their own list at the end of this recap.

Before we get to Brittany's greatest hits, let's get down to the episode at hand. With the exception of one song (more on Lea Michele's touching, but somewhat out-of-place, Paramore cover later) it was, as promised, a Britney extravaganza. It all stemmed from a very down-on-his-luck Mr. Schuester suggesting glee club give easy listening a go. You've got to be in a pretty dark place if you think teens want anything to do with Christopher Cross or Michael Bolton, and poor Mr. Schue was there. From the return of his scary ex-wife Terri to watching the woman he really loves, Emma, move on with a sexy dentist named Carl (good to finally have you, John Stamos!) Will is resistant to let loose, Britney-style.


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In case you couldn't tell, we're pretty excited about tonight's season two premiere of "Glee". But that excitement was all over the Twitterverse today too, especially from the show's stars. Kevin McHale teased us with, "we're baaaacccck! Glee is on TONIGHT!" while guest star John Stamos promised, "it's a really good episode" (he even tweeted a pic, boasting, "my first trip to juvie hall!...http://twitpic.com/2qlomp.) Of course, even premiere day doesn't slow down the cast of "Glee" as Lea Michele reported, "Just woke up and SO excited for glee tonight!!!! Now off to work for more Rocky Horror fun!!"

As gleeks celebrate the return of their favorite show, Nicole Richie (pictured) is celebrating her 29th birthday! The reality-star-turned-fashionable-celebrity-mom had plenty of birthday wishes coming her way on Twitter from famous faces like Kim Kardashian who posted, "Happy Birthday @NicoleRichie LOVE YOU!" and Eva Longoria Parker who wrote, "Happy birthday to my friend @NicoleRichie !" The birthday girl was certainly grateful, tweeting to friends, family, and followers, "Wow I am feeling the love today! Thank you for all your birthday wishes! Here's to more wrinkles!!"

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The first day at a new school is always full of daunting challenges. Will I be able to find my classes? Who will I sit next to in the cafeteria? What flavor slushie will be thrown in my face (orange, we hope!)? If you're a fan of FOX's fantastic "Glee," you know the students of McKinley High (however fictional it may be) aren't immune to such concerns. Especially the entering freshmen. We caught up with a slew of the series' new stars at the "Glee" red carpet premiere, and they spilled about what's to come for their characters and the intense (sorta) initiation process.

"I'm raw meat, fresh," newbie Chord Overstreet, who plays footballer (and maybe boyfriend to Kurt) Sam, joked of the on-set "hazing" rituals."There's candles involved, a bunch of, like, Satanic rituals. Just some hazing, some general hazing. Little pranks here and there, nothing big, but I mean everybody was really welcoming when I came in."


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