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We love our summer TV shows, like "Pretty Little Liars" and "True Blood," but the must-see event of the season will undoubtedly be the Olympics. Every other year, the games make celebrities out of a few star athletes, like Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson, but what if we flipped that trend around and placed some of our favorite celebrities into the mix as Olympic athletes? Here, we present to you some gold medal contenders from the Hollywood Crush Olympic Team.

Archery: Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer studied archery for six weeks to portray the bow-slinging Katniss Everdeen on screen. If she can shoot a squirrel square in the eye, she can hit a bullseye in the Olympic arena.

Women's Gymnastics: Miley Cyrus
The soon-to-be Mrs. Hemsworth is a devoted Pilates practitioner and before her Disney starlet days, she was a cheerleader. Nastia who?

Men's Gymnastics: Channing Tatum
Channing is strong yet flexible, his moves are smooth yet sharp and his body earns a perfect 10. Plus, we know from "Magic Mike" that he’s skilled at showing a bar who’s boss.


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by Meg Malone

Forbes magazine recently released their list of the highest-paid celebrities under 30—or as I call it, a list of people whose bank accounts I'd like to pilfer.

There's a few Crush favorites (hi, "Twilight" leads!) among the music stars and actors who've made this year's countdown. No. 1 on the list right now? It's none other than songstress Taylor Swift, who Forbes estimates made $57 million over the last year from her albums, concerts and spokesperson gigs (such as CoverGirl). Even if I actually knew how to sing and play instruments and write songs like Taylor, I can't ever imagine ever receiving a paycheck of that magnitude.

Keep reading after the jump for the rest of Forbes' list:


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Carly Rae JepsenWe’ve already started planning our Fourth of July celebrations next week. Burgers? Check. Fireworks? Check. Red, white and blue cookies? Check, check, check. However, some of our friends from Canada get to celebrate their country’s birthday a few days earlier than ours, on July 1. In honor of Canada’s 145th birthday this weekend, we give you Hollywood Crush’s Seven Pop-Culture Things We Love A-boot Canada.

Carly Rae Jepsen
We just met her, and this is crazy, but Canadian crooner Carly Rae Jepsen brought us the song of the summer, "Call Me Maybe." Her new duet with Owl City, "Good Time," dropped this week and it’s just as catchy and dance-inducing as her breakout hit. Before she came into our lives we missed her so bad; thank you, Canada, for Carly Rae Jepsen!


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Justin Bieber sings about wanting to be your "Boyfriend" on his brand-new album, Believe, out this week, but as it turns out he wants you to smell like his Girlfriend.

In addition to dropping a whole set of new tunes, Justin is also releasing his new perfume named, well, Girlfriend. And when the singer stopped by the MTV studios on Tuesday night for "Bieber Live," he revealed the inspiration behind the scent and the oh-so-special secret ingredient that is sure to drive girls everywhere wild.

“Well, you know, I told [the perfume creators] they got to smell like all my fans all around the world,” he said. “Just a beautiful smell, something not too fruity, but nice and flowery...got a nice little maybe cherry scent in there."

In addition to touches of the berry, there are also hints of Bieber floating around in those bottles. Or, so he joked during the show: “There’s actually in each bottle of Girlfriend, it’s a little bit of my sweat. It’s a secret ingredient.”


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Selena GomezOne of the best things about Twitter is that it brings celebrities closer to their fans. They can update about their latest projects, which charities they support and, you know, tweet photos of themselves eating food. Like this picture of Selena Gomez showing off a spoonful of her ice cream sundae. Looks delicious!

There's nothing we love more than celebs and good food, and what better way to celebrate the two than with a hilarious photo gallery of stars snackin'? There's Justin Bieber chowing down on a hot dog, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift sipping on some Starbucks and Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted ready to go to town on some pancakes and an omelet. Yum. Our stomachs are growling just looking at the pictures. Is it dinner time yet?

Click on over to MTV Buzzworthy to see other celebs snackin' on snacks!

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...Is, y'know, what we assume Jessica Biel is now saying every time she invites guests to her house, because we've finally got a visual confirmation on her brand-new-ish engagement ring from fiance Justin Timberlake, and it is a monster. The actress stepped out yesterday for an afternoon date with Justin and another couple, providing the first-ever sighting of her diamond in the wild. (And, of course, firmly breaking the hearts of any fans who'd been hoping that the lack of bling-based evidence of her engagement meant it was all just a big fat hoax. Sorry, guys!)

Ring Photo: Splash News

This photo isn't the best, but you can clearly see one giant square-cut diamond (anyone want to guess how much that mother weighs? We're thinking, like, five pounds) in a maybe-pave-sort-of setting—could Justin be a devotee of classic deco style? And blurry or not, it's a kick to finally get even a peek at Jessica's jewels, since this is the first chance we've had to see the custom-made ring since she and JT became engaged over the holidays. But don't be expecting more wedding news anytime soon; the two haven't announced a date yet, and considering that they keep their relationship pretty private, there's a good chance the media won't be invited to peep the famous pair's prenuptial preparations.


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Now that Katy Perry is making the leap to the big screen in a 3-D concert spectacular, "Katy Perry: Part of Me," we thought the 27-year-old might want to take some advice from fellow pop tart Justin Bieber—mostly because the cutie's own rock doc," Never Say Never" got a lot of things right when it opened in 2011.

It was a spectacle that gave fans a little bit of everything: intimate interviews, celebrity cameos and eye-catching concert footage. Katy took her California Dreams tour all around the word in 2011, and with the film set for summer release, fans will get the chance to relive every moment of the show again and again. But, before Katy signs off on the final edit of the flick, we suggest she look to the Bieber model as a template. Here are the five "Never Say Never" traits we hope Katy can employ in "Part of Me":


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It's a big day for Justin Bieber as the Canadian cutie turns the ripe old age of 18. Happy birthday, Justin! You're officially a man!

Elsewhere around the MTV universe, we've been celebrating by counting down his 18 best moments and charting his style evolution, but here at Hollywood Crush we have a special present for the now-adult...which also happens to involve girlfriend Selena Gomez!

We know from guest appearances on "CSI" and all those rumored film projects that Justin is something of a budding actor, so in honor of his big day, we've dreamed up three amazing movie pitches that should propel his on-screen career into the Hollywood stratosphere. And they all co-star a lovely leading lady: his girlfriend. Check out our ideas after the jump and leave your own in the comments below!


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Emma WatsonThe kids are all right, you guys—just look at all the marvelous people they honored with nominations for the Kids Choice Awards this year! Lots of our favorite folks, flicks and reading material made the cut, proving once and for all that being underage doesn't mean you can't appreciate the finer points of pop culture. Which crushworthy celebs scored a nod from the kid-cademy? Who will be up for a sliming come March 31? Drum roll, please, and...

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart all got noms for Favorite Actor (or Actress) honors—plus, there was an extra show of support for Taylor Lautner as Best Buttkicker. (Did Taylor kick a butt this year? We were too busy looking at his abs to worry about what his feet were up to.) And Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove are both in the running for fave TV actress. And, shockingly, Justin Bieber got a nomination for Favorite Musician!

...Okay, just kidding, that's not shocking at all. But congrats, Biebs. They love you!


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You've already heard actress Reese Witherspoon heap praise upon "Water for Elephants" co-star Robert Pattinson, so it seems only fitting she move on to another squee-inducing celebrity: Justin Bieber.

During tonight's MTV First: This Means War (airing on MTV at 7:56 p.m. ET followed by a 30-minute interview on MTV.com), the topic of the "Baby" singer's rumored "Fear" remake came up, and as far as we can tell, Reese has no trepidations about the Biebs tackling her 1997 drama.


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