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Another Hollywood couple is calling it quits.

People reports that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who have been married for five years and have one daughter together—six-year-old Suri—are getting a divorce.

"This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family," Katie's attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, told the magazine. "Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest."


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We haven't seen much of Katie Holmes onscreen lately, but her high-profile marriage to Tom Cruise (and their undeniably adorable progeny) has made the star of last year's "The Romantics" a fixture in the weekly gossip rags. Now, though, she's back in a big way—gracing the cover of February's Elle, talking about her return to television and reminding us all just how long it's been since the days of "Dawson's Creek."

If you remember Katie's early days on the teen-centric small screen (and we do, because we're oooooold), then it'll blow your mind to hear that her TV comeback is in a totally grown-up role: The actress will star in the History Channel's "The Kennedys" miniseries about America's most famous political family, where she'll be playing Jackie Kennedy. It's serious subject matter, and Katie said that the role came with a distinct sense of responsibility.


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"The Romantics" is easily one of our most anticipated films of the fall, if only because it brings together some of our all-time favorite stars in a wistful coming-of-age tale. You guys already shared that you think the cast is just as pretty as we do, but that alone is not enough to carry a film (case in point: "Valentine's Day").

The trailer won us over, but if you still need a little convincing, feast your eyes on this exclusive clip teasing the romantic love triangle at the heart of the film. Watch it above, and see what we have to say after the jump!


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One of the films we have been most excited for out of Sundance was the Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin-starring "The Romantics," which follows seven college friends as they reunite for one of their weddings. After seven months of waiting, we finally have a trailer for the film's wide release, out in limited release on September 10.

If Katie and Anna's names weren't enough to get you intrigued, the film also stars Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood, Dianna Agron, Adam Brody and Candice Bergman. Glad we've got your attention.


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In 2003, the world bid a fond farewell to the crew of the angsty TV series, "Dawson's Creek." We finally got to see if Joey (Katie Holmes) picked Dawson (James Van Der Beek) or Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and find out that Jen's ending isn't all that happy. That's pretty much the ending, without giving anything away for those who haven't seen it, in a nutshell. Now that it's seven years later, we think it's the right time to do a little reunion special, even if the entire cast has gone on to have pretty successful post-"Creek" careers.

It seems that Jen herself, Michelle Williams, agrees. "You know I was talking to Michelle the other day and she was like 'I would totally do a reunion show,'" James told MTV News. "And I was like 'Really?' She's like getting nominated for Oscars. You know it's fun to see those guys again."


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Much like costar Malin Akerman and teen starlet Kristen Stewart, Katie Holmes was promoting not one but two films at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Earlier in the week, we sneak peeked a scene from her first flick "The Extra Man" and talked with her about the paparazzi-riddled New York set.

Today, Mrs. Tom Cruise turns her attention to her second movie, the aptly titled romantic comedy "The Romantics,"which costars Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel and Elijah Wood. When MTV News caught up with Katie and Elijah, we found out just how motherly Suri's mama was on set.


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By Cara Alwill

This year’s Sundance antics are not just being filmed and written about, they’re being documented old school style at MTV’s exclusive photo booth. Among the hoards of stars who have taken shots are Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman — and now Katie Holmes and Elijah Wood can be added to that list.They were at the festival to promote their film “The Romantics,” which is about a group of friends from college reunited for a wedding.

The duo spoke to MTV News about their experience making the flick, and they both remembered how much fun they had between takes. "One lunch break," recalled Elijah, "instead of going to lunch, we decided to have a party at one of the holding houses. There was a little iPod dock, and we played very loud music and danced. And the girls were amazing."

Looks like the fun hasn’t ended. Katie and Elijah were all smiles in this shot of the pair in our photo booth! Want more self-portrait action? Click on the image above to be taken to the full Sundance flipbook!

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If you'd heard of Katie Holmes' new film "The Extra Man" long before its Sundance Film Festival debut this week, it's probably thanks to those rascally paparazzi constantly snapping shots on the New York-based set. It seems one could hardly read a blog or tabloid last February without seeing pics from the production. While some movies nearly come to a grinding halt because of the flash bulbs (ahem, "Remember Me"), Katie credits her directors and costars with helping her to remain on point.

"I'm able to focus," Katie told MTV News when asked if the paparazzi distracted her. "It was wonderful because Bob and Shari are such great directors and Paul Dano is such a great actor and Kevin Klein and John C. Reilly. We were all a team and trying to make it a great movie. So it was really all about that."

Kudos to Katie and Co. for working through a tough situation. Perhaps they can be consultants on Robert Pattinson's next film.

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Have you ever heard the saying, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere"? Frank Sinatra (and more recently, Jay-Z) famously sang those words about the Big Apple, and they couldn't be more true. And in the rough and tumble wilds of New York City, sometimes you've got to do more than wait tables to make a living— evidenced by the film "The Extra Man," which debuts tonight at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film, which stars Paul Dano, Katie Holmes, Kevin Kline and John C. Reilly, follows Paul's aspiring playwright character Louis, who moves to New York to pursue his dreams but ends up supplementing his day job at an environmental journal by escorting Upper East Side society women at night. But it looks like Louis has his eye on a paramour much closer to his age. Check out our exclusive clip below in which Louis meets his coworker (and potential love interest?) Mary (Katie) for the first time.

Will you be seeing "The Extra Man" when it hits theaters later this year?

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As we learned yesterday, Katy Perry is in fact engaged to bad-boy British actor-comedian Russell Brand after only three months of dating. Russell popped the question while the two vacationed in India (a Christmas gift to Katy from her Rusty), and his quickie proposal got us thinking about other celebs who put an engagement ring on it after less than four (!!) months of dating. Some are successes, some are major failures, so only time will tell which category Katy and Russell (Kussell? Raty?) will fit under.

1. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Keeping up with the Kardashians' romantic entanglements is nearly a full-time job. After only a month of dating, sister Khloe and L.A. Laker star Lamar Odom not only announced their engagement, but held a quick (yet very lavish) wedding 9 days later.


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