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Robert Pattinsonby Dionne Buxton and Maura Gavaghan

Robert Pattinson is on the road promoting his heartthrob-heavy flick "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1," and of course he’s bringing his dashing good looks and unflappable sense of humor along for the ride. He stopped by both "Today" and "LIVE! With Regis and Kelly" this morning to talk about his dubious insecurities, post-"Twilight" plans and the new love of his live (it may not be who you think!).

Rob was noticeably shy when looking at himself on camera, and when host Ann Curry called him out on it, he jokingly said, “Yeah, I know. I don’t know what’s happened to me recently. I can’t look in the mirror without crying." (Of course, it doesn't help when Taylor Lautner's tanned six-pack practically get their own nod in the closing credits...)


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It's almost time for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," and the "Twilight" cast takeover continues! This time the main event was Taylor Lautner, who spent the earlier part of the day running from one morning show appearance to another—possibly in an attempt to find one interviewer who wanted to talk about something other than his abs.

Yeeeeeah. Keep dreaming, Tay-Tay. WE WILL NEVER FORGET THE ABS.

First up was a visit with "Today," where Taylor stepped onto the plaza for a quick chat with Al Roker and co... and, of course, abs. After being asked whether he ever gets shy about his frequent on-screen shirtlessness, Taylor replied, "Of course!" But, he added, "I was lucky in this one, because I was shirtless much less than Rob and Kristen are."


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The media blitz for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" is on like Donkey Kong, and with just one week before the film's world premiere, we can't turn on our TV without seeing a member of the Cullen family talking about the upcoming nuptials between Edward and Bella. Not that we're complaining! Because it's fabulous! And this morning, the Cullen paterfamilias himself made an appearance in New York to talk "Twilight" with Regis and Kelly...or at least, he was pretty sure it was New York.

"Sometimes I wake up and I don't know where I am," Peter Facinelli admitted, as he's spent the past four years filming "Nurse Jackie" and "The Twilight Saga" on opposite coasts. "My jet lag has jet lag."


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Remember how you downloaded Darren Criss'—and the Warblers'—a-ma-zing "Glee" version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" when it was released, and proceeded to play it over and over and over again?

Well, get ready to do it some more because, as Darren announced on "Live With Regis and Kelly" Monday morning, he and his fellow Dalton Academy Warblers (a.k.a. Chris Colfer and the real-life a cappella group The Beelzebubs) are getting their very own album!

While their "Glee" cohorts have already released 10 (!) chart-topping albums (which have included the epic "Teenage Dream," as well as Darren and Chris' ridiculously adorable rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside"), this will be the first one exclusively for their fictitious rivals.


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Don't go, Reege! This morning TV legend Regis Philbin announced he'll be retiring from "Live With Regis and Kelly." The news bummed out many celebs who have appeared as guests on the show, including actress Sophia Bush who cried, "Boo! I love Regis. He's one of my favs. He'll be missed." Meanwhile, Olympic skater Apolo Anton Ohno pondered, "I did hear that Regis is retiring...it will be tough to find a replacement..that man is incredible!" but former *NSYNC member Joey Fatone already had someone lined up for the job...himself! Joey, pictured, who has previously worked on shows like "The Singing Bee" tweeted, "Maybe they need a nyc native to take his place ! ;) I better start practicing my hosting skills again!"

But Regis leaving his job won't be the only big change coming to mornings. Starbucks has announced they'll introduce the "Trenta" size for their iced coffees and iced teas. Singer Michelle Branch explained from her page that, "Trenta means 30 in Italian but it will be 31-ounces, which is 16 ml larger than a human stomach at rest" while funny man Conan O'Brien had his own explanation on his Twitter page, "I can't wait to try the new gigantic Starbucks size, "Trenta". Or as it's called in The Midwest, "A Medium"." Elsewhere, Cobra Starship band member Victoria Asher noted, "Man, I'd hate to spill a new Starbucks Trenta sized coffee on my lap."

Check out the rest of Tuesday's best tweets from the stars, including some hilarious Twitpics from Seth Green and Miranda Cosgrove! Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!


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This just in: "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric may appear on "Glee"! Deadline is reporting that the former "Today Show" co-host (who apparently fancies herself to be quite the gleek) is in talks to appear in the highly anticipated post-Superbowl episode (which will feature the buzzed-about "Thriller" number.) While Fox hasn't given an official word on whether Katie (who would allegedly be sharing screen time with Jane Lynch) will actually appear on the show, we officially love this idea.

Katie's rumored appearance got us thinking about more television hosts we'd love to see on the other side of the spectrum: as a guest! Keep reading after the jump for our list of five and why we think they'd make a great addition to McKinley High School!


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After attending last night's star-studded New York City "New Moon" premiere, Taylor Lautner was up bright and early (or perhaps he stayed awake all night like his shapeshifting alter ego?) to hit the morning show circuit. First up was a "Today" show one-on-one with Matt Lauer (uh — now we kind of want to know why all four "Today" anchors were in on Kristen Stewart's interview?), where the host worked in one of the sneakiest segues I've ever seen. After asking whether friends and family keep Taylor grounded, Matt cautiously brought up another of Taylor's "friends," Miss Taylor Swift. "How's that going?" he asked, mentioning he'd seen the country star's shoutout to He-Taylor on "SNL."

"She's great. She's a great girl," Taylor said with a big grin. "I was definitely blushing when that happened."

"So you didn't expect it?" Matt asked. "No, it was a surprise," Taylor answered.

In addition to the usual fandemonium/weight gain conversation, Matt also managed to throw in another question likely to send fangirls into a tizzy, asking Taylor about his almost constant shirtlessness in the sequel. "Yeah, it was a little awkward just because we were flming in Vancouver in March. So it's snowing for the whole first month, and I'm the only one wearing the little jean shorts," Taylor replied.


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Today was Robert Pattinson's turn to hit the morning shows, appearing on both "Today" and "Live with Regis and Kelly" for his round of "New Moon"-related questioning. Clad in a strategically unbuttoned green dress shirt, white v-neck undershirt, and dark grey blazer, he talked to the morning hosts about dating someone whose name rhymes with "Tristan Bluart," biting and "Twilight" moms, and graciously signed autographs for fans.

Maybe they learned from yesterday's very brief segment with Kristen Stewart, but "Today" went the one-host-interview route with Rob instead of having all four hosts grilling him at once, and it made for a much more entertaining interview. That's also probably due to the fact that Rob is a lot more forthcoming and unguarded when talking to the press than Kristen, but having Matt Lauer talk to Rob solo proved highly entertaining. Plus, the "Today" show got to use the "Interview with a Vampire" graphic I'm sure they've been waiting forever to show America.


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Kristen Stewart made two stops this morning on the New York City-based talk show circuit, with appearances on both "Today" (pictured) and "Live with Regis and Kelly." In addition to answering the usual "Twilight" mania and "New Moon" setup questions, the actress also talked about playing Joan Jett, indie movies, and made a definitive decision in the Team Jacob versus Team Edward debate. Reiterating the stance she took when speaking with MTV News at the "New Moon" press junket a couple of weeks ago, Kristen told Regis and Kelly that she'd side with the vampire.

Because she's probably had to do this about a gazillion times already, Kristen had her "New Moon" summary down pat. "The really perfect love that we've presented in the first one is completely shattered," she said on "Regis and Kelly" (her outfit? a brown sweater dress). "[Bella's] best friend is a werewolf and her boyfriend is a vampire and they don't like each other very much... She discovers there are different levels of loving someone."


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