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GleeI should probably address the big statutory elephant in the room first and foremost. While anyone could have seen the sparks between Puck and Shelby coming from a mile away, the surprise kiss at the end of last night's "Glee" must have caused more than a fair share of pull-hugging gasps. It was all kind of cathartic and definitely nice to see a sweeter Puck balance out the earnest craziness of Quinn. Framing Shelby as a bad adoptive mother for Beth qualifies as going off the deep-end a bit, for sure. Quinn's gone dark, and she's going all the way. The storyline stuck out throughout the episode as the most interesting (and anytime a Foreigner song is featured, I'm sold), so seeing things move that quickly right away definitely digs the hooks in audiences for the next few weeks. This could mean so many things for both Shelby and Puck, not to mention Quinn, who probably won't be too happy about the whole arrangement. If you haven't brushed up on your law recently, I'll fill you in. Even if Puck's past the legal age of consent, this cannot happen. As a guest star, Idina Menzel isn't expected to stick around too long, so we should see some fireworks soon.

They didn’t exactly waste any time, either, introducing Damian McGinty’s character after his shared win on "The Glee Project" this past summer. Rory Flanagan, a new exchange student, showed up right away to charm(s) his way into Brittany’s "pot of gold," which he hopes eventually means a snog or two. The relationship is unfortunate for a few reasons. Brittany doesn’t exactly understand that Rory is only Irish and not an actual leprechaun. She also can’t understand most of what he says. Rory plays along with Brittany's assertion that granting her three wishes will earn him her pot of gold. The bullied new kid just hopes that if he sorts through enough boxes of Lucky Charms and hides enough Snickers bars in her cat’s litter box, he’ll get the kiss he’s hoping for. For all his troubles, we were treated to an interesting take on the Kermit the Frog classic "Bein' Green."


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Miley Cyrus and Josh BowmanLucky for us, only Miley Cyrus is going "So Undercover" in her forthcoming action-comedy. "Revenge" star Joshua Bowman will remain plenty recognizable (and cute!) playing her love interest. Not that we're jealous or anything.

The movie revolves around a young woman named Molly who snags a job with the FBI to penetrate a sorority and protect a mobster's daughter. It co-stars Jeremy Piven, Mike O'Malley, Kelly Osbourne and, of course, Joshua.

"I play a guy called Nicholas. He meets Miley's character [at college]. We meet and we're in the same class, and we kind of strike up this interest for each other," the actor explained. "And then she's onto me cause she thinks I'm the bad guy, which I think I could be… but I don’t think I am."


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With the start of a new school year comes the inevitable (and unavoidable) task of vogueing for those pesky yearbook photos...and the crippling self-doubt that accompanies them. Did I blink? Is that pulsating zit noticeable? Do I still have Crunch Wrap Supreme stuck in my teeth? But lest you think you're all alone in this embarrassment, trust, we've all been there. Including the characters from our favorite Fox musical series.

In the latest bit of "Glee" season three promotion to hit the web, 18 of Lima, Ohio's best and brightest have posed for a series of awkward school photos that we seriously can't get enough of. There's Rachel with her ever-present microphone. Blaine straightening his Warblers tie. And Coach Beiste squeezing the life out of a football.


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The theme of last night's "Glee" was supposed to be about the dangers of underage teens getting wasted, but instead it turned into a wasted opportunity for Ryan Murphy and Co. to shed some light on a very serious issue.

It just so happened to be Principal Figgins' mandated Alcohol Awareness Week when Rachel's dads are out of town, leaving her with a chaperon-free household. Upon learning the news, Puck pressures her to throw a party at her house. Deciding its time to shake off her good girl image (which now includes writing odes to the wonder that is her headband), Rachel obliges.

When she throws the lamest party ever, in what can only be described as the most horrendous party dress ever, Puck kicks things up a notch and breaks into Rachel's dads' liquor cabinet, promising to replace it later. We're never told at any point in the episode if he actually does or not, the first of many consequence-free actions by the students at McKinley High.


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No need to adjust your television sets, Gleeks. This isn't WE tv's Ultimate Wedding Sunday. Nope, this is, indeed, your favorite Fox musical series. We wouldn't blame you for being confused, though, what with all the proposals and nuptials last night (not that we're complaining).

In a super-cute romantic gesture, Burt Hummel returns to the scene of his and Carole Hudson's first meeting—a McKinley High classroom—to ask for her hand in marriage. Kurt whips himself into a David Tutera-like frenzy, offering to plan the entire affair (thank you, stash of inspirational wedding magazines hidden under the bed!). And as you might guess, Kurt's first duty is to appoint New Directions as the wedding entertainment. Cheap and convenient!

Spurred (and spurned) by the engagement of newscaster ex-boyfriend Rod Remington, Sue joins the dating site eDesperate. Her one and only match? Herself! (Anecdotally, this is totally possible—a gay friend of mine once received himself as a match on a similar site.) Sue's inspired—she begins addressing invitations for her own nuptials...to herself...officiated by herself. She needs to add one more to the guest list, however: her Nazi-hunting mother Doris (played by Carol Burnett) who returns to her daughters now that she's captured the final Nazi.


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After last week's emotional and controversial "Grilled Cheesus" episode, "Glee" slipped into (gasp!) sorta lackluster territory (perhaps it was the lack of Sue Sylvester that did it) this week with "Duets." The show has had so many of its characters sing together for memorable numbers (Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris' epic "Dream On," anyone?) that it was a bit of a letdown that an episode with so many collaborations felt a little one-note. None of them were bad at all, mind you, in fact, some were pretty great. They just didn't have the same oomph the best "Glee" moments are made of.

That said, the theme of duets was fitting as the focus was on the couples of New Directions (including some surprising pairings we didn't see coming from a mile away.) It all started when Mr. Schuester decided to make this week's assignment a competition and upped the ante with a free meal at what is apparently the greatest restaurant in the history of restaurants, Breadsticks.


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For an episode with such a funny name, "Glee" wasn't taking things lightly this week when they tackled one of the trickiest topics in the world—religion. No matter what your beliefs (and, in the case of some of the characters, lack thereof), Ryan Murphy and co. (Brad Falchuk wrote the ep) covered both sides of controversial debate with grace, humor, and most importantly, respect. It was an episode about faith gained and faith lost and life’s unanswerable questions. It was no easy feat, but they pulled it off.

So how did religion make its way to a public school like McKinley High? Well, it all started with Finn and a grilled cheese sandwich. While making the delicious sammy, Finn discovered a burn mark on it that resembled, well, the big JC. Finn dubbed it "Grilled Cheesus" and suddenly became quite religious. He even began praying to his "Cheesy Lord" for pretty trivial things (i.e. winning Artie’s first football game, getting to feel up Rachel, becoming captain of the team again), all of which, came to fruition. But, when Finn's prayer to become football captain came at a cost (Sam dislocated his shoulder), and he confides in Emma about his guilt, he soon realizes the events occurred likely by happenstance, not by an act of God. Poor Finn’s faith was shattered, perhaps never to be restored again (we’ll talk about his rendition of R.E.M.’s apropos "Losing My Religion," as well as the episode’s other tunes a little later).


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One of the moments we are most looking forward to at Sunday's Video Music Awards is when the cast of "Glee" walk out onto the stage and present one of the night's many awards. But maybe we should have been a little more specific when we said "cast," because some of the, uh, older stars on the show are pretty peeved they didn't get an invite.

Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley and Jane Lynch are all going to be at the show, but when MTV News caught up with some of their fellow cast members at "Glee"'s season two premiere earlier this week, a couple stars tried to bum tickets off of us!


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The mantra "eat pray love" is what Elizabeth Gilbert strove to live by in her book of the same name, whose film adaptation is hitting theaters tomorrow. But here at MTV, we know of another little mantra people of our generation are coming to live by: "gym tan laundry."

Would it surprise you that the stars of the "Eat Pray Love" — Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup and Richard Jenkins — have no idea what GTL stands for, or its origin material? It shouldn't, because the idea of any of the four of them watching "Jersey Shore" just about makes our heads explode.


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GleeTo say "Glee" swept the Emmy nominations, released today, would be like saying the ocean is full of water. Not only did the show earn at least one nomination in many of the technical awards, it also nabbed a nom in all of the major comedy awards. And, after the powerhouse of a season it just had, we couldn't agree more.

Let's start with the big ones. "Glee" was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, which stacks it up against the seemingly unbeatable "30 Rock," but we think it might have a chance to oust their crown this year. Ryan Murphy and his team of Brad Flachuck and Ian Brennan earned an Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series nomination for their work on "Pilot - Director's Cut," which is also markedly well-deserved. Read More...

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