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She's played a haughty human-alien hybrid, a plucky lingerie-model-turned-surgical-intern and an accidentally impregnanted television producer, and with today's release of "One for the Money," Katherine Heigl can add "Jerseylicious bounty hunter" to her eclectic resume. The actress stars in the big-screen adaptation of Janet Evanovich's romantic thriller, playing heroine Stephanie Plum, an out-of-work unmentionables saleswoman who takes a job as a recovery agent to make ends meet. (We're also betting she finds a bit of love along the way...) As Katherine returns to the big screen slinging a pistol and downing the Garden State's entire ration of Tastykakes, let's take a look back at her career.

Born November 24, 1978, in Washington, D.C., Katherine started out as a child model before making her film debut in the 1992 romance "That Night," starring Juliette Lewis, C. Thomas Howell and a young Eliza Dushku. Katherine played a character named...Kathryn. She went on to make a splash in her first starring role alongside French actor Gerard Depardieu in the 1994 comedy "My Father the Hero," playing a vacationing teenager who tries to impress her summer fling by telling him that her dad is really her lover. We did that all the time in high school!


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by Christina Garibaldi

Katherine Heigl has become the queen of rom-coms. With a resume that includes, "27 Dresses," "Life As We Know It," and "New Years Eve," you know you are in for a perfect ladies' night out when you see a Katherine Heigl flick.

But what if you are bringing your boyfriend to the movies this weekend? Well, don’t worry ladies, you can bring your boys along to see Katherine’s new movie, "One For the Money." She promised us!

"I wouldn’t qualify it as a romantic comedy. It’s got that and it’s got comedy, but it’s mostly about this sort of murder mystery undertone that keeps it moving and keeps the pace going," Katherine told MTV News at the New York premiere. "I always feel like I’m selling it to men, like there’s explosions and there’s shooting. You’re gonna like it too, I promise."


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One for the MoneyRom-com regular Katherine Heigl is trading in heartbreak for handcuffs as she stars in the big-screen adaptation of Janet Evanovich's crime caper "One for the Money." And thanks to Yahoo! Movies, we're getting our first look at the trailer for the January 2012 release.

Katherine plays Stephanie Plum, a recently unemployed lingerie saleswoman who turns to her cousin's bail-bondsman business for a job. Her first assignment? Pick up dirty cop Joe Morelli (played by Jason Mara), whom she just so happened to have a sexual dalliance with back in high school. Stephanie goes on a raucous little romp to recover Morelli—a romp that apparently includes kooky family dinners, naked senior citizens and feisty hookers (no doubt with hearts of gold).

Watch the full trailer after the jump!


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When MTV News sat down with Katherine Heigl a couple of weeks ago to talk about her new film, "Killers," we also got her to give us some scoop on her next project, "One for the Money." Katherine's playing gorgeous but goofy bounty hunter Stephanie Plum in the film adaptation of the popular crime novel series by Janet Evanovich.

Filming doesn't begin until July, but according to Katherine, right now the production team is trying to finalize Stephanie's look. In the books, Stephanie's a low-maintenance natural beauty ("a total jeans and t-shirt kind of gal so that's easy," said Katherine) — going out requires nothing more than a coat of mascara and some lipstick — but she's constantly dissatisfied with her hair.


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