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Allison Williams"Rosaline," the film based on Rebecca Serle's omg-what-if?! retelling of "Romeo and Juliet" from the point of view of Romeo's jilted ladyfriend, has been in the development stage for, like, ever—and consequently surrounded by all kinds of rumors and speculation! (For instance: At one point, it was going around that Lily Collins would be starring as Rosaline; at another, unsourced reports suggested that the part of Romeo would be played by a badger wearing a codpiece and wig. Hollywood!)

But now, we have an officially sourced report from Deadline that the film has found its leading lady in none other than Allison Williams. FOR REAL.


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When it comes to tales of ill-fated romance, it's hard to top the 14th-century flair of one William Shakespeare and his story of teenage twosome Romeo and Juliet—which might be why Hollywood has pretty much stopped trying to write anything new on the subject, instead choosing to rewrite, reboot and reimagine the classic star-crossed lovers into a half dozen as-yet-unreleased projects. They're everywhere! And damn near impossible to keep track of, considering their ubiquitousness; just today, The Hollywood Reporter caught wind of two brand-new shows based on the story in development. So if you want to keep tabs on old R&J as they make their way onto screens both big and small over the next year, we've put together a roundup of where and how you'll be able to see the Shakespearean story done over...and over...and over.


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