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17 & GoneWith a glorious three-day weekend ahead, we're sure that you've got plenty of barbecues and beach time on your schedule—unless you live in the New York area, in which case you're shaking an angry fist at the weather man and putting off your plans for a day when it won't be rainy, windy and cold as ice. Sob. But that's okay! Because even if our bikini has to remain in storage, we can still crack the spine on a great early summer read. Want to spend your weekend feeling smart and literary? Join us in curling up with one of these very good books, all recently released.

"17 & Gone" by Nova Ren Suma
With a twisty mystery at its heart, there's more to this haunting book than meets the eye: a heroine with terrifying visions, a group of girls with fates unknown, and a shocking turnaround that you won't see coming. On what's going to be a rainy, chilly weekend for most of the Northeast, this shiver-inducing story about girls gone missing should be a good way to match your mood.


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The EliteHey Hollywood Crush Readers!

I'm Kiera Cass, author of "The Selection," "The Prince" novella, and "The Elite" (out today!). "The Selection" series revolves around a fictitious dating game, and lots of people ask if I ever watched "The Bachelor" to get inspired for my books. The truth is, I never watched an episode until after I wrote "The Selection," but since then I’ve learned a lot about televised dating relationships and all the drama that surrounds them.

Personally, I think it’s easier to find a guy the old-fashioned, off-screen way. But... that’s way less entertaining! So, if you decide to participate in one of these ventures, you’ve got to remember that the producers have it down to a science as to what mix of girls make for an interesting show and who would stand a chance at winning a happily ever after. So, you’ve got to quickly establish yourself as one of the following it you want a chance at snagging your ideal man!


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Now that Hollywood Crush readers have picked their favorite YA novel of 2012 (Cassandra Clare's "City of Lost Souls," for the record), it's time we turn our attention to the tomes that will be cuddled up on our nightstands and lining our bookshelves come 2013.

From long-awaited sequels to series debuts, the year in young-adult is looking to be a lit-lover's dream. Indeed, it was tough narrowing our list of most-anticipated reads down to lucky number 13, but narrow we did. Check out our picks (ordered by release date) after the jump, and be sure to weigh in with your own!


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